03 Sep 2023

Spirit: Reveal yourself.

  • Spirit: Tell me... do you care to stay alive?
  • Spirit: It doesn't look like you'd use the word "happy" to describe your life,
  • Spirit: But, you do believe your life to be very important.
  • Spirit: After all, you have valuable matters to take care of back home, don't you?
  • Reed: ...What's the point of asking what you already see the answer to?
  • Reed: If you're just trying to piss me off, then it's working incredibly well.
  • Spirit: Haha, not at all! I just really want you to think about it.
  • Spirit: But since the answer is definitely a 'yes'...
  • Spirit: Let's skip to the point.

Reed: Hear the Spirit out... but be careful.

  • Spirit: Something bad will happen if you stay here with those people.
  • Spirit: It will prevent you from ever leaving this world.
  • Spirit: So in order to avoid that, would you like to go home now?
  • Spirit: I will gladly lead you to a rift right away.
  • Spirit: And if you don't believe me, then I will tell you the location of a currently open rift, and leave you to check it using your technology...
  • Spirit: But that is the most I can do.
  • Spirit: I don't have a chance of earning any more trust than this measly bit...
  • Spirit: I mean, the fact that you're hearing me out at all is already a lot!
  • Spirit: But still, I wish to do my part, and warn you properly.
  • Reed: Uh... what bad thing is going to happen to me, exactly?


  • Spirit: You will die.


  • Spirit: You will be killed by that other human...
  • Spirit: Nino, yes... you will die solely because of him.


  • Reed: What...?
  • Spirit: However, your current separation is an incredible chance...
  • Spirit: It might be the only opportunity you have to turn your fate around.
  • Spirit: You could leave his side for good right now, and avoid every misfortune.
  • Spirit: But if you decide to find him instead, then that risk will only increase.


  • Reed: ...And how would you know something like this, if it were even true?
  • Spirit: A person I trust very much told me so.
  • Spirit: I believe them enough to act unlike what you'd expect of a spirit.
  • Spirit: But that is all they said about you. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Spirit: In fact, I wasn't even asked to be amicable to you based on any of it.
  • Spirit: I just chose to give you a way to be saved here of my own accord, human.
  • Spirit: You can just leave now, and take with you whoever you wish as well.
  • Spirit: What do you say? Think it through carefully now.

Reed: Keep up your guard.

  • Reed: ...Don't act like I have no choice but to believe you here.
  • Reed: I need to know who told you this,
  • Reed: And why I should even trust either of you about it.
  • Spirit: ...I cannot say.
  • Reed: If you won't tell me even that much,
  • Reed: It makes this information exchange even more unequal than it already was.
  • Spirit: This is... one of the many truths I was told.
  • Spirit: But, there is no way that person could warn you in person,
  • Spirit: Because they cannot explain things like you'd want them to.
  • Spirit: However, human... I am a spirit.
  • Spirit: When I used my powers to see inside their mind,
  • Spirit: I was able to confirm what I heard to be true.
  • Spirit: Thus, I trust them wholeheartedly, but I cannot show you why.
  • Reed: ...That's that, then.
  • Reed: There's no logical reason to blindly believe you over my own experiences.
Right, what reason would Nino even have to hurt any one of you?
He's stupid sometimes, so maybe emotionally, sure. But physically, he has expressed complete willingness to keep everyone safe.

He went out of his way to protect you all from Kaji, and he rushed to save Mei in the rift when none of you could. His actions speak for him plenty.

You trust your knowledge of Nino more than whatever this spirit is spouting.


  • Spirit: Ehhh, how unfair! Everything spirits do is bound to be illogical to you, who only believes your generalization of us.
  • Spirit: I don't suppose that's something I can change in one conversation!
  • Spirit: But... I can't blame you for it, can I?
  • Spirit: After all, you see us as nothing but enemies.
  • Spirit: It's quite hard to talk a person out of it when they've reached that stage.
  • Spirit: You're going to think of everything I do as a scare tactic,
  • Spirit: Never considering any other possibility.


  • Spirit: Knowing something for certain, yet having nobody believe what you say, simply because you can not explain it... oh, what a special kind of loneliness that is.
  • Spirit: You have witnessed such a thing before too, haven't you?
  • Spirit: In that case...


  • Spirit: You already know the heavy consequences of turning one's back on the messenger just as well as I do, human.
Without warning, you find yourself forced to recall an old memory.

The spirit's gaze meets yours, piercing through your mind.
It must be seeing it too, then.

How uncomfortable.


  • Spirit: Sometimes, a person is cursed to be the bearer of bad news.
  • Spirit: They speak of things nobody wants to hear or believe.
  • Spirit: But when the whole world turns its back on them...
  • Spirit: Then what will be left after their claims are proven right?
  • Spirit: Surely, it's nothing but regret, exactly as you've witnessed before.
  • Spirit: Now that you've been put in a similar situation of your own...
  • Spirit: Are you certain you can afford to ignore what you've been told,
  • Spirit: And shun the messenger just like they did?
Reed: Is this something you experienced firsthand?
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9 months ago

Reed: nuh uh

9 months ago

Reed: Is this something you experienced firsthand?

Spirit: Continue.

Reed: Consider the spirit's warning.

9 months ago

Spirit: Stop reeding this guy's mind! It's rude, you know!

Reed: What is she talking about?

Reed: Consider her words.

Reed: Accept her offer.

Reed: Shun.

9 months ago

Reed: Don't get distracted by the spirit.

9 months ago

Reed: Let her speak, but be aware that she could be manipulating you

9 months ago

Reed: Bullheaded stubbornness is one of mankind's most fundamental traits. Exercise it!

9 months ago

I have read the whole of oceanfalls in one go and i've now arrived to the present time. I must say i have very much enjoyed the read and am looking forward to further updates

9 months ago

Reed: Abandoning the Party would put you a step back in your search for the professor.

Reed: What’s the point in saving your life if you never achieve your goals along the way?

sorry for the late response i only thought of it now lmao