08 Oct 2022

Nino: That Book of Wonders seems too mysterious to pass up...

Right!? Gosh, you simply cannot take your eyes off of it.
You probably should pick items that benefit the group as a whole, but still...

There's some room to spare, right?

It's your own inventory space anyway, so it'll be fine!

  • Reed: So let me get this straight.
  • Reed: Someone puts free food and money in front of you.
  • Reed: But you pick a fucking book.
  • Reed: The hell's your problem.
...OK, maybe it's not totally fine just yet.

Nino: The book sounds like something useful in the long run.

  • Nino: Hey, we have enough space for other things...
  • Nino: Besides, aren't you guys curious to know what's up with a book this special?
  • Reed: No.
  • Nino: Okay, not accepting any answers from Reed about this.
  • Meimona: Ummm, if you wanted to read then just go to the library, neeerd!
  • Nino: ...And not accepting Mei answers either.
  • Aria: Well, although I understand where Reed's coming from,
  • Aria: I admit, the book did sound pretty interesting.
  • Nino: Yes! Finally, someone who agrees with me!
  • Reed: So what? It's two to two. That's a tie.
  • Nino: ...Hmm... unless... hey, Mei?
  • Nino: Do you actually disagree with taking this book at all,
  • Nino: Or did you just want to call me a nerd?
  • Meimona: I would never pass up the opportunity, haha!
  • Meimona: But I don't care too much, actually...
  • Meimona: I mean, I can't control what you do with your luggage space, nerd.
  • Nino: Oho, what's this? A neutral party!
  • Nino: That means it's two to one!
  • Nino: And that means you're all alone in your disagreement, Reed.
  • Nino: Sorry bro, looks like it's a win for democracy once again!
  • Reed: ...Why are you even you putting this up to a vote?
  • Reed: Objectively speaking, as the leader, you should make sure we all take things that help us as a group.
  • Reed: There's no other acceptable action, you know.
  • Reed: Or are you an idiot that thinks only of himself first and last?
...Dammit. Well, you kind of fit that description.
Minus the idiot part.

He's not wrong about benefitting the team as a whole, but... you still don't want to pass this precious book up. Not merely due to your personal interest in it, but something tells you that, in the long run, it may be a much more valuable item than these guys expect.

That's mostly based on a gut feeling, but...
You're willing to trust that hunch.

Now, if you can just find a way to please all sides, then...

Nino: Do you even need that key anymore? You should probably return it, lest it falls into the wrong hands. You would hate to force those kind penguins to change their locks just because you didn't remember to drop the key off.

Ah-ha, yes! What a genius idea!

If you replace something in your inventory with a more beneficial item, Reed can't argue anymore! That way, you'll be the best leader that ever leadered... all while getting to keep your unique new book!

You were given ownership of the hotel room for two days, so technically speaking, there wouldn't be anything wrong with still keeping the keys.

But you can just return them early, right?

You're not coming back anyway, so it should be fine...

Nino: Take the bag of coins and the Chilling Cake. The coins are fairly obvious, but the cake... you're not entirely sure why, but you think you might need it. Just in case.

Hey now, that's TWO (2) very useful things!
With the Book of Wonders taking a slot, you can only pick ONE (1) very useful thing.

So... maybe that super sweet looking cake? Having a meal on hand is nice, and you do wonder if the chilling effect could have an unexpected use.

Besides, there's no need to worry about the money. It's obvious that someone here is already going to take it!

Indeed, no one better to make the choice than-

Mei: Attempt to appraise the Polar Star, it might be worth more than the Sack of coins! Worse comes to worst it's still worth something.

  • Meimona: YOINK!
  • Meimona: Mei got a sparkly-pearly-thingy!
  • Nino: Whoa, hey!
  • Meimona: Heheheeeh, so shiny!
  • Nino: Hold your horses, Mei!
  • Nino: You... you were supposed to take the money...
  • Meimona: What? But I want this pretty precious thing!
  • Nino: You'd pass up on cash for that?
  • Meimona: Why not! I love shinies!
  • Nino: No! You need to pick something that benefits all of us!
  • Meimona: Hey now, if YOU can do whatever you want with your god-given inventory space, then so can we! And I happen to want the shiny.
  • Nino: You want it just because it's shiny?
  • Nino: God, you really are a crow.
  • Meimona: Whoa, what's that supposed to mean!?
  • Meimona: Look, my expertise tells me...
  • Meimona: If I play my cards right, this beaut could net me more profit than all the little pennies in that bag.
  • Meimona: I'm totally gonna make a killing with a treasure this precious!
  • Meimona: You just gotta believe, Nino.
  • Nino: Fine, fine, but...
  • Nino: I compromised a little with what I picked, didn't I?
  • Nino: That means you have to follow suit too!
  • Meimona: Umm...
  • Nino: Not to mention, it's such a shame to pass up on free money...
  • Meimona: Uuuugh, fiiine, you big baby.

Mei: Can you fit all the coins inside your coin pouch?

  • Meimona: I'm not leaving my new treasure behind, buuuut...
  • Meimona: I'll stash some of this cash in my own pouch?
  • Aria: Oh, smart idea, Mei!
  • Meimona: Hehe, weeell... it won't be the full amount.
  • Meimona: But I'll take what I have room for!
Meimona fits +50 gold coins into her belongings.

While it's not the full amount, that's a bit better than leaving all of it behind, you suppose. Your conscience certainly isn't as unwilling to move on, at least.

Aria: That lunchbox could come in handy!

  • Aria: As for my choice...
  • Aria: I think I'll hold on to this for us.
  • Meimona: A healing meal! Of couuurse!
  • Reed: That's reasonable. I approve.
  • Meimona: Good alternative to relying on Ninoboy's ability, huh?
  • Aria: Yup! It'll take some load off of him.
  • Five: Five thinks... food looks tasty!
  • Five: Aria... making a good choice!
  • Aria: Ah yeah, doesn't it look really delicious?
  • Aria: I can tell that it was made with love. ^v^
  • Nino: Man, why don't you guys praise my decisions like this too...
  • Reed: Shush.
Well, that was a pretty good haul!
You truly feel like you've made the most of everyone's limited space.

Now then, the only thing left to do is...

Five: Play dress-up!

  • Five: It's Five's turn!
  • Five: Five wants presents to be... pretty clothes!
  • Five: Pretty clothes for everyone!
  • Aria: Yes! I've been waiting for this, hehe!
  • Meimona: Awyeah, finally!
  • Five: Five will choose... and make everyone become pretty!

Nino: For no reason whatsoever, take the cape.

  • Five: First thing!
  • Five: This one is for Nino!

Nino: Please get the cape. Please. Please take the cape. Please take it.

  • Nino: ...
  • Five: Nino... don't want it?
  • Nino: Uh.
  • Nino: I don't know.

Nino: Just take the cape. Just... just take it.

  • Five: But it's good for Nino!
  • Five: Five really thinks so!
  • Nino: Um...
  • Five: Was Five thinking wrong...?
  • Five: Sorry, Nino...

Nino: Consider taking the red cape. On one hand the cape is a reminder of... him, but on the other, it could help act as a disguise and isn't in his striking blue. Not the mention, capes are cool.

Ugh, FINE, fine! You've made your point!
Now pipe down already.

Nino: Become Red-Riding Nino.

  • Nino: Don't apologize.
  • Nino: Your choice is, uhh...
  • Nino: I think it's fitting to my tastes.
  • Nino: It... looks really cool.
  • Nino: So I'll take it.
  • Five: Oh! Yay!!!
  • Five: Now Nino will be so red and cool!
  • Five: Like Red-Riding Hood!
Well... it is just a very normal article of clothing.
It has its utility, as you can imagine.

No need to overthink this.

Besides, it makes Five happy that you trust her choices.

Everyone: Take the super-boss' recommendations and go get changed.

  • Five: Here! This one is for Mei!
  • Five: Mei loves... funny colors, right?
  • Meimona: Heheheh, you betcha.
  • Meimona: Thanks, Five! This seems pretty nice!
  • Five: And this one is for Aria!
  • Five: Aria will look good with... pretty purple color!
  • Aria: Aww, you even considered our preferences.

Meimona: Scoop up every accessory in the display, somebody must be willing to swap them for coins when you're sick of wearing them.

Aria: May as well pick something out while everyone else is, find something that looks nice.

Well, getting to see such sights is a blessing few can understand.

Five: Equip purple bow

How fashionably adorable!
The crowd roars in applause for the aspiring little fashionista.

Party: Finish preparations.

(Scroll! ---->)

  • Lacia: Oh, how delightful this is!
  • Lacia: Truly, your appearances are now befitting those of heroes!

Reed: You'd be better off keeping those arms covered.

  • Nino: Err... thanks?
  • Reed: Not exactly a compliment I want to hear.
  • Meimona: Hey, be polite!
  • Aria: Yeah, even if you don't like the clothes, they were a gift!
  • Reed: I didn't say I disliked them.
  • Reed: The style of these outfits is pretty good, actually.
  • Aria: Wait, so you... you actually like them?
  • Reed: No. I didn't mean it in regards to my personal taste.
  • Reed: Hell, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing fancy threads like this normally.
  • Reed: I would've preferred a plain hoodie.
  • Nino: That sounds like you alright.
  • Reed: But, this less "modern" looking style.
  • Reed: It's better fit for... you know.
  • Aria: Oh... I see!
  • Meimona: So you three are gonna look like the REAL deal, huh.
  • Reed: Sure. Plus, the flowy capes and hoods will be helpful.
  • Reed: So although it's not really my style, It'll make do.
  • Nino: That's good to know...
  • Nino: Then, I think we're ready to go!

Nino: Drop off the Room Key, and take the Book of Wonders!

  • Penguin: Human... leaving?
  • Nino: Yeah!
  • Nino: Um, we didn't leave the room messy by the way.
  • Penguin: Woah... now penguins' work will be easier.
  • Penguin: Thank you lots, human.
  • Nino: No problem!
  • Nino: Just our way of repaying the favor.
  • Nino: By the way, I probably won't see you guys again, but Mei will be back.
  • Nino: When you see her again...
  • Nino: Could you let her keep that room for herself?


  • Penguin: Hm... but if Mei will be tenant, then...
  • Penguin: Mei must pay to have room.
  • Penguin: Just like everyone else.
  • Nino: Oops, that's true...
  • Nino: Well, why not just give her the offer when the time comes!
  • Nino: Maybe she'll find one of your lodgings suitable.
  • Penguin: Sure. Happy to accept new friends.
  • Nino: Oh, and hey, that bag of leftover money there...
  • Nino: Can you let Mei have it when she's back, too?
  • Nino: It'd help her get a place.
  • Nino: Just don't mention that I asked you to do this, alright.
  • Penguin: Oh... alrighty.
  • Penguin: Human is good hero, I see.
  • Penguin: Good to friends...
  • Penguin: And very kind to Mei.
  • Nino: Oh no, not again with this...


  • Nino: Look, I'm just repaying some favors, alright?
  • Nino: Don't think about it too much.
  • Nino: There's nothing heroic about a guy like me.

Confirm preparations.

With all your preparations complete, you bid everyone farewell.
Goodbye, Icicle Bay, and goodbye, Kaji.

Or should you say, "see you later"?

Party: Board ship.

Who knows if you'll ever return, though?

After all, your eyes are set on a daring new adventure.

Sea Patrol: Set sail.
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1 year ago
Reply to  Nights

I love the new Outfits! I'm especially fond of Nino's new look

1 year ago

im thinking i was right about the cape being a bad idea, that color shift was pretty ominous

great update

1 year ago
Reply to  nevermind3476

but... capes are cool

1 year ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

Yes, it’s a morally necessary sacrifice.

1 year ago

You messed up the formatting on the “Consider taking the red cape” command. The image is in the command box.

GG Player
GG Player
1 year ago

nino got the christmas drip

1 year ago
Reply to  GG Player

Please, I beg of you, do not let the Christmas creep take us all, not 3 months away, I know the colors match for December but please, before they decide to prepare for Christmas the entire year.

1 year ago

Absolutely obsessed with the new outfits

1 year ago

Kaji: Stop being on break and go down to the docks for absolutely no reason.

Team: Climb on the boat.

Sea Patrol: Set sail.

Team: Pass time.

Nino: Since there's not much to do, take a peek in the Book of Wonders? It could come in handy.

Reed: Message your si- er!- headquarters about coming back sooner than expected.

Mei: Go fishing?

Aria: Maybe check in on Nino? Other than going fishing, singing sea shanties, or getting seasick, there's not a lot else to do until arrival.

Kotori/Solis: How does patrolling fare?

Sea Patrol: LAND HO!

1 year ago

:D I love their outfits so much.

1 year ago

Warty: Hail the well-clothed ones.

Mei: Wish on your luck that everything works out.

Nino: Consider potential negative side effects of your venture, and perhaps discuss them. By the time you get on the boat, regale stories and explain Meimona's luck ability, and the power of belief.

Aria: Try to narrate in full detail as possible what happened during your journey an- wait, how did Mei lift the boulder in the first place?

Last edited 1 year ago by Mysteriousmaverick
Pun Lord
Pun Lord
1 year ago

Party: See through the potential dangers up ahead by speaking to Reed.

Nino: See what’s up with Mei’s prospects here and Reed’s magic device. Also feel a strange sense of joy that you managed to make use of literally all items, instead of having to vote just a few.

Aria: See if telling Nino about his missed misadventures could help him out somehow.

Mei: See how you can somehow save your halo.

Reed: See what lies up ahead in your journey.

Five: See cute animals.

1 year ago

> Nino: You forgot to acquire a personal diary and writing utensil. Unless you plan on using your own blood to write notes in the margins of your new book, you may want to acquire some materials at the Library before you leave.

Last edited 1 year ago by Voice
1 year ago
Reply to  Voice

Nino: Once you get those things, write as much down as possible. About yourself, your companions, things you've discovered, the world. As much as you hands can handle.

1 year ago

Didn't Nino lock some ship captain in a room a while back? I wonder if that's gonna come back to bite him before we get off Icicle Bay.

1 year ago

aw damn, you missed the chance to make a "sea you later" pun. still, the outfits are cute :]