18 Jun 2022

Audience: Be ever the skeptics.

  • Lune: Look at this, Solis.
  • Lune: She's talking to me like I'm younger than Five.
  • Lune: What have you signed us up for.
  • Solis: Sorry... I have no idea at all.
  • Diana: Silence! Don't talk during the lecture!
  • Lune: You're not a professor, Diana.
  • Lune: Not even a graduate yet.
  • Diana: Hmmm, so what!?
  • Diana: I'm at least good enough to school you both!
  • Diana: You guys obviously NEED it.
  • Solis: Hahaaa, this is all my fault.
  • Solis: I talked about my ability without thinking, and now...
  • Diana: And you seriously thought I'd let that DISINFORMATION fly?
  • Diana: You offend the entire field of SCIENCE when you blabber on like "oh nah baby we don't know how this magical shit works" sooo casually!
  • Diana: And then Lune just believes you without a second thought because she's Lune.
  • Diana: Ridiculous.
  • Solis: Dia, I don't talk like that.
  • Lune: Yeah, he doesn't sound like that.
  • Diana: ...I know, you humorless people, I was exaggerating...
  • Diana: Do you know what a joke is, darlings.
  • Lune: Nobody tells jokes during lectures.
  • Diana: Humm, this aspiring instructress does!
  • Diana: Anyway, it's my DUTY to set right your big fat wrongs,
  • Diana: So get your butts in line and listen carefully!
  • Solis: T-thank god Five's not here right now.

When reduced to nothing but a soul, all beings become equal.

  • Diana: We start at the soul, the source of everything!
  • Diana: Though it's an unseen part of a person, its effects are felt very clearly.
  • Diana: Therefore, it's important to take care of it like other parts of our bodies.
  • Diana: And just like anything else in the body, the soul needs its strength.
Prior to the decade of peace, the professor developed many theories regarding abilities.

When that peace arrived, it was the first time in years that humans and monsters could interact safely, and so, it was also the first time that he could directly observe and study a monster.

A golden chance, a once in a lifetime opportunity to have this kind of specimen.

Finally, the Professor would be able to draw objective comparisons between monster and human, especially regarding his valuable theories.

An ability is currently understood as a manifestation from one's soul.
That is, these are powers based on strong desires.

Thanks to scientific research, the view on such a seemingly mystical phenomenon has become more sophisticated.

Diana: Quote his teachings.

  • Diana: There are different ways an ability begins to be formed, so I'll go with the most obvious one here.
  • Diana: "When there's a threat, the soul responds".
  • Diana: This means that the body is threatened to be harmed, therefore...
  • Diana: It's the soul's turn to prepare an appropriate response to this threat.
  • Diana: And the third part of the cycle, the mind...
  • Diana: It's up to that to come up with the shape of this response.
  • Diana: That 'shape' depends on how creative someone is, what they're thinking, how they're affected by the environment surrounding them...
  • Diana: That's why, as no two people are the same, so too do all abilities differ in manifestation, even if they share similarities on the surface.

Diana: Absolutely SCHOOL this audience with your knowledge.

  • Lune: Hold it, when did this turn into a psychoanalysis session.
  • Solis: Y-yeah, I'm not sure you were describing me correctly there...
  • Diana: Really? I think I totally was right, though!
  • Solis: Definitely not!
  • Diana: Nah, I'm so right about both of you!
  • Lune: You're so not.
  • Diana: Feel free to stay in denial, fools.
  • Diana: I know you two better than you'll ever know yourselves, I swear!
  • Diana: But look, just humor me here for a bit, okay...
  • Diana: I'm talking about the personality differences!
  • Diana: Because of that, even if you were to have abilities of a similar nature...
  • Diana: I'm sure the way you shape it to assist yourselves would still be different.
  • Diana: Right?
  • Lune: I've only ever had one ability in my life...
  • Lune: And will only ever have this one.
  • Lune: So how should I know?
  • Solis: Yeah, I don't know how to answer, either.
  • Diana: Oh my god, so unimaginative...
  • Diana: You could just give me the "yes and" treatment, thanks.

  • Diana: But fine, since you take everything so literally, here's a clearer example.
  • Diana: A lot of people can heal wounds with their abilities, right?
  • Diana: However, even if multiple "healers" do accomplish similar results, their methods of producing it differ.
  • Diana: For instance, though there are those who heal directly...
  • Diana: There are also people whose healing came to manifest in an indirect way.
  • Diana: Such as infusing food itself with a healing effect!
  • Lune: Oh, like Mr. Faire's...?
  • Diana: Yes! Do you know about them, Sol?
  • Solis: You're talking about the Faire Garderners, right?
  • Solis: I've heard they had a hand in making soldiers' rations during war have a healing effect.
  • Diana: Yes, yes!
  • Diana: It was a genius idea, making use of an ability like that.
  • Solis: In the monster world, people always say that that's what helped your world's army maintain its strength!
  • Lune: Well, maybe in part...
  • Lune: But first place credit for the army's great state goes to Lady Oshen.
  • Solis: Doesn't the lady also speak highly of Faire's supportive efforts, though?
  • Lune: Uhm. I suppose so.
  • Lune: To earn the lady's praise, that means it's something special.
  • Lune: Then, I suppose, to be worthy of her praise...
  • Lune: Means his group is deserving of some credit for the army's prosperity, even if they're not soldiers themselves.
  • Diana: Your inner fangirl is showing, Lunes.
  • Lune: M-my- what!?

  • Diana: Save it for your smelly army training grounds later why don'tcha.
  • Lune: Pray tell, what's that supposed to mean?
  • Solis: Lune, whenever you get started, you never stop praising Lady Oshen, haha!
  • Lune: I... am just being honest.
  • Lune: Sorry for being so right, guys.
  • Lune: It will happen again.
  • Diana: Meh! Takes a pretzel-shaped roundabout for you to admit there's other people worthy of acknowledgement besides our lady.
  • Lune: Don't mock the respect I have for my teacher, Diana,
  • Lune: When you're so obviously imitating yours in our faces, every chance you get.
  • Diana: H-hey! I'm so noooot!
  • Diana: That's a pile of false accusation-y crap!
  • Lune: Right back at you.
  • Solis: There's nothing embarrassing about following a role model, you guys.
  • Solis: I'm certain Lady Oshen and Professor Zachery would be happy to know their students admire them to this extent!
  • Diana: You... shush!!!
  • Lune: That's not helping, Solis!
  • Solis: Really? I don't get what's the big deal about it.
  • Diana: Of course not...
  • Diana: It's because you have such an impervious Solis-brain, sweetie.
  • Lune: Mhm. An incurable condition, unfortunately.
  • Solis: W-what does that mean?

Diana: Slip back into pretend-teacher mode.

  • Diana: Ahem!!
  • Diana: As I've observed in our example, there are numerous healing methods...
  • Diana: That is, different ways to reach similar goals, from person to person.
  • Diana: So why are there differences in the way these souls can heal?
  • Diana: It's all because of how their minds thought it up!
  • Diana: From the body, to the soul in the heart, to the mind, then back to the body.
  • Diana: This is teacher's theory, involving a beautiful cycle that never ends...
  • Diana: ...And it gives way to such a special form of self-expression.

And what a great intrinsic potential it is, the potential to wield desire.

  • Diana: So, you guys, don't start talking about this so lightly again.
  • Diana: Your abilities are something to be appreciated!
  • Diana: It's not inexplicable, uncontrollable, or something to dislike...
  • Diana: Rather, it's something that is completely yours.

Yet, the people's nature is to use power only in advancing their endless conflicts.

  • Diana: Lune, Solis, every time you use your abilities...
  • Diana: That's your soul, expressing itself in a way only you can accomplish.
  • Diana: Your burning flames are as warm as you are,
  • Diana: And her protective copies are as loyal as she is.
  • Diana: You two express your dedication so beautifully, don't you think so?

In wars that teach them to destroy, take, and conquer, but never to create.

  • Diana: I... envy that just a little bit.

I ask you, to try and understand just how much of the people's potential is wasted.

The professor, like his predecessors in the field, sought to place reasoning behind that which seemed inexplicable to ordinary people.

He drew a correlation between the nature of an ability, the circumstances of an ability's awakening, and the nature of a person who harbors a specific ability.

Observation A.

The professor states that an ability is most commonly born during an adrenaline rush, when a person faces a severe threat, or undergoes intense stress.
As a result, abilities awakened during the seasons of war are often violent in nature.

Perhaps because these were powers the soul awakened to protect itself, or powers intended to eradicate the present threats.

When the body was threatened, the soul responded in turn.
The shape of this response allowed for self-defense, or stronger retaliation. It was either highly protective, or highly destructive.

A desperate desire to preserve oneself, or to destroy one's foes.

Observation B.

In comparison, abilities awakened during peaceful times tend to be more practical in nature. These abilities are likely to not focus on killing one's opponents, or desperately preserving the wellbeing of oneself, to say the least.

Instead, they are a creative sort of abilities awakened through personal challenge, intense emotions such as excitement, or roving curiosity.

When the mind was free to think creatively, the soul responded in turn.
The shape of this response was imaginative, where a person's personality fully flourishes in their power. It was something creative, constructive, sometimes manifesting as an enhancement of one's existing talents.

Observation C.

The nature of an ability is greatly influenced by the circumstances that caused its awakening. There exists a logical connection between a person's thoughts at a specific moment within their mind, and how it is influenced by their surroundings.

Through these controllable factors, it is possible to induce specific abilities.

Most commonly, this practice is seen in lineages who define their identity through similar abilities, the exact properties of which are unique to them alone.

Ultimately, it results in similar abilities carrying across one bloodline.

The nature of an awakening may be passively guided, in addition to the influence of factors beyond control. For instance, certain abilities come through specific training routines, developed by and kept solely for members of one group.
From subtle, ongoing influence, exclusive abilities become passed-down family secrets.

Observation D.

Being able to influence a natural awakening opens way to many possibilities.
Naturally, it follows that it is also possible to force an unwanted early awakening.

Indeed, through deliberately placing a person in danger, one can reshape them into the perfect weapon just as desired.

It is possible to force an awakening on anyone capable of having an ability.
To force the body into an adrenaline rush, until the soul responds most suitably.
As always, the shape of this response is greatly influenced by outer surroundings, and inner thoughts of the mind.

Still, how interestingly overwhelming it is...

...The creativity of a person in mortal peril.

...But such a dangerous practice is, of course, not legal in the slightest.
It is also not guaranteed to flow smoothly at all. While the introduced danger can be controlled, as well as the person's surroundings, their thoughts in their mind are beyond control.

After all, there's no telling how bloody a moment of explosive creativity may be.

There's always the possibly of the danger backfiring on the one forcing such an awakening, in the form of revenge and retaliation.

Observation E.

Additionally, even upon success, this kind of awakening is more than likely to leave behind numerous irreversible changes on a person's mental state, alongside their newfound ability.

It is rumored that the Umbra clan maintained their strength through forcing powerful awakenings in their young, in ages as early as four, until the princess put an end to it. As things stand, forcibly controlling awakenings is an act deemed illegal in the human world with harsh punishment, should any perpetrators be discovered.

Whether natural or unnatural, it is difficult to fully comprehend an ability.

The creative nature of the mind makes it impossible to fully control the outcome of an awakening, and rather easy to misunderstand the resulting ability. Half the time, people do not come close to completely understanding even their own abilities.

Only a person who has achieved Resonance may be called a true success, a person who can masterfully wield their soul as a tool.

May that be a tool of war, of peace, or of purposes beyond labels.

Reed: Summarize this dubious research.

To the soul, an ability represents its strength.
Like thoughts enriching mind, nutrients sustaining body, souls needs this strength.
Strength that allows it to grow, and protect itself in the face of danger.

Without a healthy mind, we suffer. Without a healthy body, we suffer.
Therefore, it is only natural that those without an ability suffer, as well.

Such a person is born with a very intrinsic inadequacy, a defective being.

  • Reed: His task was to find a way to assist monsters unable to awaken an ability.
  • Reed: But of course, he was not allowed to force an awakening.
  • Reed: That would mean placing their already fragile lives in danger.
  • Reed: Also, uh, it's illegal... and he had the royalty supervising his work.
  • Reed: So... that was his research.
  • Reed: At least, as far as we in the public are aware.
  • Reed: He called this condition, the incapability to awaken, as having a "weak soul".
  • Reed: A human's soul is not dependent on their ability, so their body is fine even when their soul is "weak". A winged's soul seems to be extremely tied to their ability, so there's no room for weaknesses there. And, a monster...
  • Reed: Their body is largely dependent on the strength of their soul, but not fully.
  • Reed: As I understand it, that's why this condition affects them the most.
  • Aria: That makes sense...
  • Nino: Mhm... I see why this effort was being done for monsters only.
  • Nino: Considering the side-effects humans and winged face.
  • Aria: There's more pain to be faced in a short life...
  • Aria: That certainly makes them a priority. :(
  • Nino: So, I assume he had to find a way to empower "weak" souls, so that these monsters could get abilities like others do?
  • Reed: Yeah, but well... if it were not possible to allow that, then at least...
  • Reed: He'd work on strengthening the body, enough so that affected monsters may continue to live healthily even without being able to awaken abilities.
  • Reed: That... looks like what he was trying to do for the longest time.
  • Reed: But from what I could tell, it never seemed like he was seeing any success.

Reed: So if Five is currently healthy because of Nino's ability...

  • Reed: My parents left behind a lengthy work history with several institutions and various partnerships... but all of that has long since ended.
  • Reed: So it was a surprise to find anything at this point, honestly.
  • Reed: But now, I'm almost certain that this is what Five was being treated for.
  • Reed: ...On paper, at the very least.
  • Reed: According to the professor, her soul would be called "weak".
  • Aria: But why was the result of the treatment a painful transformation?
  • Aria: We still don't have a clear idea of what that is...
  • Reed: Hmm. I don't really know about that.
  • Nino: Could it be that trying to strengthen her body backfired somehow?
  • Meimona: Woah, like over-fixing it?
  • Meimona: Y'know, if you take too much medicine, it's just as bad as taking none!
  • Aria: I-I'm not sure if it works that way!
  • Reed: I'm also curious about something.
  • Reed: How, and why Nino's healing apparently helped Five revert back to normal...
  • Reed: And that she got to keep her good health afterwards, to boot.
  • Reed: What the hell is your healing like, dude?
  • Nino: Uh...! It's not that grand!
  • Nino: I just touch wounds and they get better, haha...
  • Nino: I actually think it's kind of lame.
  • Aria: Aw, I don't think it's lame at all.
  • Nino: Well, since it helped Five, I'm glad it's good for that much.
  • Reed: It sounds like it'll be a useful thing to have on hand.
  • Meimona: Oh, that's true!
  • Meimona: If any of us get a bad boo-boo adventuring, we know who to go to!
  • Nino: Baby words don't help me feel not-lame about it!
  • Reed: If you find the time later, let's, uh... try testing your healing.
  • Nino: ...How?
  • Reed: I'm curious, since it's not like there aren't any others who can heal.
  • Reed: It's likely the professor would've already tried this, so...
  • Reed: I wonder why is it that whatever you did succeeded there.
  • Nino: I don't mind testing, really, but... how?
  • Reed: I don't know, but you should just try to learn more about how it works.
  • Nino: Are you going to cut yourself for me or something?
  • Reed: ...Good god, no.
  • Nino: Then, want me to stab Aria and fix her wounds up?
  • Reed: No!
  • Aria: N-no!!!
  • Nino: Then how do you want me to do it!
  • Reed: I don't know, use your freakin' imagination, it's your ability!
  • Reed: Just don't talk so gleefully about cutting people.
  • Nino: Haha! I was just kidding, don't freak out!
  • Nino: But what do you want me to do, for real...
  • Nino: Try heal-touching some plants, or food, or... people?
  • Reed: Oh, there, see? You're doing it. Good job.
  • Nino: Doing what!?
  • Reed: The imagination thing. Just act on the ideas you have!
  • Reed: That's... how abilities work. Right?
  • Aria: Correct! The best way to learn what it can do, is to use it more.
  • Aria: It's also the way to get better at it, of course!
  • Meimona: Yeah, let's try these ideas out later, why not!
  • Aria: As long as it doesn't involve people-stabbing...
  • Nino: It won't, it won't! That was a joke!

Nino: Are you really gonna leave Reed by, according to his wishes? I mean, you probably won't.

  • Reed: Though the research concerns monsterkind it's still vital to humankind.
  • Reed: Humans would've gotten all credit if the professor accomplished anything.
  • Reed: But I guess, the fact that Five is here, healthy and cheerful...
  • Reed: Means that he did succeed in some way at the end, without knowing it.
  • Reed: Really, who would've known...
  • Reed: That the first and only success of his was here all along.
  • Reed: And it looks like he was too late to see it.
  • Nino: Reed, about that, let me just say...
  • Nino: ...Actually, wait. First of all.
  • Nino: Please excuse the potential disrespect for your dad here, but-
  • Reed: You can disrespect 'em all you want.
  • Nino: Oh... uh... I really might offend you here, though.
  • Reed: Don't care. Out with it already.
  • Nino: O-okay, okay! Uhm, so!
  • Nino: Not that I can make any sure-fire judgements of course, but...
  • Nino: Doesn't most of this sound strangely unethical to you guys?
  • Aria: We don't know what methods were used for treatment exactly...
  • Aria: But I admit that it seems a bit worrisome.
  • Aria: I feel that this might've involved dubious medical practices, at least.
  • Meimona: Umm, and in the end, it sounded like Five was abandoned.
  • Meimona: Honestly, I... really don't like thinking about that part!
  • Aria: Yeah...
  • Nino: Exactly! So I mean, with all that in mind...
  • Nino: Is this really going to be okay?
  • Reed: ...Yes, you will be fine.
  • Reed: I know I told you that he's not the nicest person around.
  • Reed: But you don't have to worry about it.
  • Reed: I'll make sure it'll have nothing to do with you, nor ever get in your way.

  • Aria: Um...
  • Aria: We're not talking about ourselves, Reed.
  • Reed: What?
  • Nino: Yeah, I... I was asking about you.
  • Reed: What...?
  • Nino: I thought that was obvious.
  • Reed: ...Why would you care what I do?
  • Meimona: Umm, do you have a heart in there, little man?
  • Meimona: 'Cause it doesn't sound like you do!
  • Aria: We're worried, you know.
  • Reed: Worried about... what?
  • Meimona: YOU, dumbass!
  • Reed: I didn't ask you to do that.
  • Reed: So quit it.
  • Meimona: Mmmmnope, don't think that's something you can just switch off, bro.

Nino: Press on.

Reed: If Nino did so, surely it's not a stretch that you chose to pursue your quest despite the dangers it posed.
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kaji (now without the pyxis)
kaji (now without the pyxis)
2 years ago
Reply to  Nights

thank you nights

2 years ago
Reply to  Nights

Trauma-induced superpowers are the best superpowers

Pun lord
Pun lord
2 years ago
Reply to  Nights

Weaponized against who?

2 years ago

Kotori's a heart shaped soul!? She's a monster, not a celestial!

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Im fairly certain the silhouette in that panel is supposed to be the current celestial.

2 years ago
Reply to  DZ4114

Ah, that makes more sense actually, thanks

2 years ago

In the face of the Reed discussion-

Nino: In your defense, you can't remember your old answer, but you probably knew the risks?

Reed: If Nino did so, surely it's not a stretch that you chose to pursue your quest despite the dangers it posed.

Nino: Reed has a point, but Reed is speaking as though his life doesn't have much value in the face of his quest. Remind him the opposite is much more true.

Aria: Reed talking about his Dad suggests that he was distant at best, and neglectful at worst. Maybe ask about it?

Reed: Change the topic. Get them off your back.

Concerned party: Reluctantly accept that he's not talking.

Mei: IDEA- Nino moved unusually fast when landing the final blow on Kaji, but had a green ability glow behind him. Maybe his power is less about healing and more about "boosting" the body, like boosting one's healing factor or their speed of movement.

Nino, Aria, and Mei: Aw, Five fell asleep. Carry her to one of the beds. She needs the sleep.

2 years ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

Repost of my older responses, with edits and adds.

Nino: There's only four beds for five people. Be the dependable(!) leader(?) you are and take the couch for the night.

Aria: Wait a minute, if headquarters is Reed's home, and the person from HQ is "related to" Professor Zachary, does that mean that Reed and the one at HQ are family?

Nino: Well, well, well, Kaji was right. You've found something to value closely. Or perhaps, someone.

Five: Learn how to use pronouns.

Everyone: That's enough investigation for one day. Take a cue from super-boss Five and go to bed.

Aria and Reed: Go shopping.

Five: Try not to cry. Cry anyways.

Aria: It's muffin (and tea) time!

Aria: Tell Five how proud you are of her for her show of maturity. Put a "do not disturb" sign on the door.

Nino: You should tell your party what Kaji told you about your amnesia. They might have some ideas for how to help you.

Ludwig: Keep green human company in his sleep, as master taught you to.

2 years ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

Read on the discord the focus will shift over to Solis and Kotori next update

Party: You've had your fair share of screen-time. Become Solis.

Solis: So, whatcha up to?

Solis: Didn't you and Kotori plan to patrol the border to try and catch the assassin? How's that going along?

Kotori: Since (most) humans can't (normally) break a hole in the barrier, you mainly just need to check out the weaknesses that they could slip through. How's the searching so far?

Solis and Kotori: Theorize the source of the killer. Ruit is too careful to sending an assassin after Suvillan. Who would want to kill the Prince via assassination, not care for their own life in the process, AND have the know-how to cross the barrier, all -without- being explicitly sent by the Human kingdom?

Nino: A sudden chill runs up your spine.

POV: Randomly switch to somebody the audience has yet to be properly introduced to.

2 years ago

Ah. So reed made a promise to someone too. That would explain a lot.

>Nino: Here's a wild idea. Why not try to use your healing ability to fix your memory?

The One Guy
The One Guy
2 years ago

I'm a bit confused. It's implied that the presence of an ability strengthens the soul. Furthermore a winged's soul's health is more tied to their ability than other races, causing a child without an ability to die upon birth. But we're also told an ability doesn't come into being until a moment of high emotions, meaning no one is born with an ability. So it no one is born with an ability and wingeds born without an ability immediately die, then wouldn't that mean it's impossible for a winged to be born without dying?

It would make more sense to me if, rather than the soul's strength being dependent upon the presence of an ability, it's more a case that the capability for one to form an ability is dependent on the strength of their soul, and winged die immediately upon birth if they have a weak soul, not if they don't have an ability.

The One Guy
The One Guy
2 years ago
Reply to  Nights

Thanks, that cleared things up. With that said, though, this is the main part that lead to my misconception:
"Reed: A human's soul is not dependent on their ability, so their body is fine even when their soul is "weak". A winged's soul seems to be extremely tied to their ability, so there's no room for weaknesses there. [...]"
What's it mean for a soul to be "dependent on their ability" or "tied to their ability?" I almost feel like this must be a typo since when it goes on to talk about monsters, it switches to talking about one's body being dependent on their soul, which seems more accurate.

Also there's this part right above that:
"Reed: His task was to find a way to assist monsters unable to awaken an ability.
Reed: But of course, he was not allowed to force an awakening."
Why would forcing an awakening even be considered a potential solution? Wouldn't that just being fixing one of the symptoms, rather than the actual problem?

2 years ago
Reply to  The One Guy

Its probably some weird mix. Winged abilities are different, being all Mental, and Meimona implied the concept of destiny. Its something like: If you have no obvious defined purpose in this world, to be an angel of X. Then away with ye, and thou shalt leave a world which you are unworthy of in your current state. But for abilities and resonance, souls would be: I'm alive, and I'm gonna become stronger, eventually when certain conditions are fulfilled, I'll make an ability in my own way, giving someone a more direct view of the soul. And the ability becomes the soul's muscle. So after you get an ability, you can strengthen your soul by practicing with it. Humans/Monsters are born with a TYPE of ability, by blood, but no exact specifics. Winged, who lack bloodlines, need destiny to save their souls, and people with weak souls are as natural as people who have born weaknesses in body and mind. Celestials always have abilities due to how essential they are for the world of Oceanfalls.

Pun Lord
Pun Lord
2 years ago

Nino: Take a more hands-on approach to restoring your memories, but don’t make it your sole desire.

Solis: Don’t burn Kotori by not listening, and strategize any possible solutions.

Kotori: Why in your heart do you fear the Prince’s assassination?

2 years ago

>Nino stab then heal roomservice for SCIENCE
Its ok they want to be helpful, its their job after all. Remember what does not kill you makes you stronger. YOU'LL MAKE THEM A BETTER STRONGER PERSON WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

2 years ago
Reply to  Le4feon

Ni please No

2 years ago

Nino what is wrong with you

Aria, Mei, Reed, Ludwig, Boyfriend, Five, anyone really Why would Nino say something like this

1 year ago

okay so several questions
um so in the first page where we see five, it says
"This is the fate of weak monsters. They are banished from their homes, and forced to transform into terrible beasts." in the narration>
is this a homestuck style "the narrator doesn't know what they're talking about" thing or is this just a retcon>
or like
both even>
or is that more of a normal thing and it's just that nobody knows that right now>
also, aren't nino's heals limited?
i mean, obviously they probably recharge over time to some extent, but it's not really established how that works>
there is that theory that nino is a winged somehow so that could maybe explain that because gratiditude...?
but he also got a remedy back from the flowers near the beginning, so is his power tied to his memory then?
is that why he lost his memory completely when he healed himself and seemingly exhausted his power?
sorry, this is a lot>

1 year ago

small mei