12 Mar 2022

Nino: Keep in mind with your newly learned information that she might just be using you for gratitude.

Ho, what do we have here? She's going to help you recover your memories?
Why, that just happens to be your biggest wish right now.

Is it just as Kaji warned you, then?

Cheeky little angel.

Nino: Try your best to know better than to be suspicious of Mei.

Oh, yes. Hold on, um... alright.

It's true, going by your past record together, there's no reason to be suspicious.
She certainly is adamant about returning to the overworld some day, which doesn't help her case when it comes to the possibility of complete innocence, but it's not like that's a desire you can't understand...

Since she has some kind of family waiting up there.

So as long as she won't cause you harm, you maybe wouldn't mind indirectly helping her reach that goal somehow.

Nino: However...

...If she's secretly planning to gain something here, then you will not let this deal pass without the greater positive-ness falling on your side.

Having luck around you will be extremely useful, no doubt.

Be the loud winged.

  • Corona: Did Bella say some dumb shit to you again, prince?
  • Suvillan: It was nothing too bad.
  • Corona: Don't worry about whatever comes outta her trap when she's angry.
  • Corona: She looked like she was reflecting pretty hard out there!
  • Corona: Usher and the others sure seemed like they were telling her off, too.
  • Solis: ...Uh, who are you talking about?
  • Corona: Hmm? Usher is the doorman!
  • Corona: Oh, but he's a bit new here. Don't blame you if you don't know him.
  • Corona: And Bella is the tea-maid!
  • Corona: That's what I call her, at least.
  • Solis: ...?
  • Corona: You know, the old timer, she's got that green hair...
  • Corona: That looks like long cabbage, or maybe lettuce?
  • Corona: Eh, same grass food thing, really.
  • Solis: ...???
  • Corona: C'mon, man! There's no mistaking her!
  • Suvillan: Corona, I don't think Solis knows the place as well as you do.
  • Corona: Oh...
  • Corona: Right. Duh.
  • Corona: This is why you're soooo unpopular now.
  • Corona: Cuz you never show your face around anymore, loner.
  • Solis: That's uncalled for.
  • Corona: But if you're such a loner...
  • Corona: Then why did you come back here again?
  • Solis: Stop calling me a loner!
  • Solis: I just... had something to discuss with the prince.
  • Solis: And we were done before you rudely interrupted everything, thankfully.
  • Corona: Huh? That's all?
  • Corona: Nothing more to it?
  • Solis: Yes.
  • Corona: Uh... hm...
  • Corona: ...
  • Corona: Oh, wait, I get it!

Corona: Confront dweeb.

  • Corona: So our little dweeb finally caved in!
  • Corona: That's nice, about time you got bored of being a fuckin' shut in hermit!
  • Solis: Uh...?
  • Corona: Why, in that case...
  • Corona: We shall generously overlook your past brainless bullshit, and kindly welcome you back into our humble ranks.
  • Solis: What... are you talking about?
  • Corona: Aw, don't play dumb!
  • Corona: There's no need to be soooo shy like a baby!
  • Solis: I'm not pretending to be lost...
  • Solis: You've actually completely lost me for real.
  • Corona: God! I'm talking about the party, dude!
  • Corona: That's why you're here, right?
  • Corona: You finally decided to quit being a no-show!
  • Solis: ...Party?

  • Solis: What party?
  • Solis: I don't know what you're talki...

Solis: Realize.

  • Solis: ...Oh.
  • Solis: Uh.
  • Solis: Right...
  • Solis: The party.
  • Solis: No, I didn't mean to say... uh...
  • Solis: Look, I definitely didn't forget about it, but I...
  • Suvillan: You're misunderstanding, Corona.
  • Suvillan: Solis was just about to leave.
  • Corona: Wait... what!

Solis: Regret speaking.

  • Corona: What the fuck, Solis!?
  • Corona: You mean you didn't come here for his highness' birthday celebration, you scrape of dirt on the bottom of my boots?
  • Corona: You seriously can't be thinking to just skip his birthday AGAIN!
  • Suvillan: Shhh, leave him be!
  • Suvillan: Solis is a busy person, it's fine.
  • Corona: Come oooon, your highness, not you too!
  • Solis: Please put me down.
  • Suvillan: I said it's fine, Corona.
  • Corona: But...
  • Corona: That's so goddamn lame.
  • Corona: You suck, Solis.
  • Solis: ...
  • Solis: Sorry.
  • Corona: A "SOWWY" ain't gonna cut it with me.
  • Solis: I wasn't saying it to you.
  • Corona: It shouldn't cut it with his highness, either!
  • Suvillan: Haha! What are you apologizing for?
  • Suvillan: It's fine, Solis.
  • Solis: ...
  • Solis: Well, it's a bit early right now, but...
  • Solis: Since I won't be here tomorrow, then I might as well say it now.
  • Solis: Happy birthday, your highness.
  • Suvillan: ...That makes you the first to congratulate me this year.
  • Suvillan: How nice of you, Solis.
  • Corona: What! No!
  • Corona: No, no! That's not fair!
  • Corona: It was supposed to be me as the first!
  • Corona: So you're not even attending, and you just dared to ruin my solid five year streak of being the first-birthday-wisher?

  • Corona: God, thanks.
  • Corona: We are just the fucking best of friends ever.
  • Solis: Oh, come on, I didn't even know you had something like that going on.
  • Solis: Is it that important to you?
  • Corona: Yes! Of course it is!!!
  • Corona: It's Suvi's birthday, for fuck's sake!
  • Solis: ...
  • Suvillan: It is not that important.
  • Corona: Yes it is!
  • Suvillan: Corona. It's really fine.
  • Corona: No it's not!
  • Corona: And you really shouldn't be smiling right now!
  • Corona: Uuugh, I was so excited running all the way here, too...
  • Corona: Screw that. I'm not letting my mood be soured.

  • Corona: Come on, your highness.
  • Suvillan: Huh?
  • Corona: You can't seriously want to stay indoors tonight too, right?
  • Corona: You gotta go see it for yourself!
  • Suvillan: Wait, go where...?
  • Suvillan: What am I supposed to go see?
  • Corona: Everything and everyone outside!
  • Corona: Endless crowds are gathered out there, just for you!
  • Suvillan: ...Oh...
  • Suvillan: There's no need for any of that.
  • Corona: Dude.
  • Corona: Your highness. Bro.
  • Corona: I was just overseeing the preparations earlier, and...
  • Corona: It looks so damn cool out there.
  • Corona: I swear this on my entire being.
  • Corona: PLEASE, you have to believe me.
  • Suvillan: Corona... it's not like I doubt these claims of "coolness".
  • Corona: Then what's the damn problem!?
  • Corona: You CAN'T just stay holed up in the tower all day again!
  • Corona: You should wear your GOOD clothes, see what presents have poured in, and show those bastards out there who's boss!
  • Suvillan: Eh, well...
  • Suvillan: Do I have to?
  • Corona: Yes! Even if it's a day early, still!
  • Corona: A lot of people are just dying to see you out there, you know!
  • Suvillan: ...Hm.
  • Suvillan: If it'll raise morale, then I suppose that's fine...

Solis: Hurry, escape the third-wheel-zone!

...Well then, you'll just be going now.
Silently, so you don't disrupt the excitement which you have no part in.

Steady, steady, don't make any noise.

Banshee: Screech.

  • Corona: HEY DIPSHIT!!!
  • Corona: Seriously, you're just gonna walk out?
God dammit, this woman has the tact of a fucking brick.

  • Corona: You're so heartless, man!
  • Corona: Tori too... the both of you.

Corona: Drop some facts on this dumbass.

  • Corona: Even though his highness reeeeally wanted to see you guys on his birthday!
  • Corona: And even if it's for a liiiittle bit!
  • Corona: But you dumbasses won't give him even that much.
  • Solis: ...What?
  • Solis: Is that true...?
  • Corona: Yes!!!

  • Corona: But it looks like both of you can't even spare a second of your-
  • Suvillan: No.

Corona: No...?

  • Corona: Oooowsh... your highnesh?
  • Suvillan: No, Solis.
  • Suvillan: That is not the case.
  • Solis: ...?
  • Corona: What'sh ain't not the cashe, prinsh?
  • Suvillan: You must be mistaken, Corona.
  • Suvillan: I've never said such immature things in that immature tone.
  • Corona: Uhh...
  • Corona: I heard you grumbling shomeshing like that, though-
  • Corona: Ow, ow. Shtop that.
  • Suvillan: Who, me?
  • Suvillan: I would never be that desperate about some little birthday.
  • Suvillan: Are you sure you're not just thinking of yourself?
  • Suvillan: After all, you seem to care about this the most out of anyone.
  • Corona: Huh...?
  • Corona: Wait, but you shaid...
  • Corona: It'sh like... a chanshe for all of ush to get together... right?
  • Suvillan: No, I do not recall saying something as childish as that.
  • Suvillan: Why, you must've projected your own pent up feelings, Corona!
  • Corona: ...Whaaat?
  • Suvillan: As you can see, Solis,
  • Suvillan: It is just that Corona feels so terribly lonely these days.
  • Corona: I-I don't, whoa!
  • Suvillan: It seems like she truly misses her dear old friends, the poor thing!
  • Corona: Your highnesh, shtop!
  • Corona: Ow, don't make me shound sho lame like that.
  • Suvillan: This simply happens to be a good occasion for her to see us all at once.
  • Suvillan: Is that not true, Corona?

  • Corona: I mean, it is...
  • Corona: But that mushy weaksauce crap is not how I wanna say it at all.
  • Suvillan: There, there. It is clearly very important to you.
  • Suvillan: And only you.
  • Corona: Grrrh. What are you doing.
  • Suvillan: To me, birthdays are but a small, passing occasion.
  • Suvillan: In fact, they're a reminder that you're aging.
  • Suvillan: Therefore, it is also reminder that you're growing closer to death.
  • Suvillan: Such a thing brings nothing but existential dread!
  • Suvillan: How frightening is that!
  • Suvillan: Do you like being reminded of our inevitable, unescapable, eternal rest within cold, narrow graves, Solis?
  • Solis: Uh... well...
  • Solis: When you put it that way...
  • Suvillan: One day, you will be nothing but bones and ash.
  • Suvillan: Do you like that, Solis?
  • Solis: ...No.
  • Suvillan: See!
  • Suvillan: So why would I care for such a thing more than it deserves?
  • Suvillan: Besides, dear angel.
  • Suvillan: We have a more important matter to think about beyond this celebration... yes? Don't tell me you've forgotten.
  • Corona: Huh...
  • Corona: ...Oh, right! That super important disturbances thing...
  • Corona: Erm, I guess I got a lil' bit carried away, whoops.
  • Solis: ...?

  • Corona: Oh, nope, Solis.
  • Corona: You're not invited to THIS talk!
  • Corona: These're some secrets to be shared only between a prince and the best winged around, buddy.
  • Solis: Oh. Uh.
  • Solis: Whatever.
  • Solis: I don't care if it doesn't concern me.
  • Corona: Hahah. Sure you don't.
  • Solis: :|
  • Corona: Your highness, I know that thing's super important, but...
  • Corona: It won't hurt you to take a little time off.
  • Corona: At least until the last day, m'kay?
  • Corona: Don't be the killjoy for your own birthday, dude.
  • Suvillan: Hah... all right.
  • Suvillan: If you say so.
  • Suvillan: And you're wearing a funny outfit, by the way.
  • Corona: Oh, this? I'm just tryin' to look my best for your big day.
  • Corona: It's my best celebration garb idea... to match with you!
  • Suvillan: Haha, you do look a bit grander than usual.
  • Suvillan: Ah, I certainly...
  • Suvillan: ...Think that everyone else will appreciate the effort you're putting in.
  • Corona: Damn right, they better!
  • Corona: Now what's your celebration garb going to be like?
  • Corona: If you don't hurry it up, you're gonna miss your window to show it off.
  • Suvillan: Sure, sure, you win this one!
  • Suvillan: I'd better properly prepare myself, then.
  • Corona: Hahahahah yesss, victory!
  • Corona: Go on, don't keep me waiting too long!

Prince: Depart.

  • Suvillan: Hm?
  • Suvillan: You were leaving, weren't you, Solis?
  • Solis: Ah... yeah.
  • Suvillan: Then, take care.
  • Suvillan: I hope that you've freed yourself of your doubts today.
  • Suvillan: And...
  • Suvillan: Whether or not you come to a silly little celebration later is up to you.

  • Suvillan: In the end, your choice there means nothing.

Solis: Get outta there.

  • Corona: Hey, wait...
  • Corona: You're really just gonna go home?
  • Corona: C'mon, man, don't be so boring!
  • Corona: You still have a day to think it over.
  • Solis: ...So is it true that you feel lonely lately?
  • Corona: Uweeeegh, shut up!
  • Corona: Don't take whatever embarrassing shit his highness said seriously!
  • Solis: I don't get why else you'd beg me to stay...
  • Solis: When you seem to be all buddy-buddy with everyone here, even common servants.
  • Corona: Uh... it's 'cause you're Solis, duh.
  • Corona: If I wanted to hang out with not-Solis people, then I wouldn't bother you.
  • Corona: But I happen to miss Solis-people and Kotori-people, just... a tiny bit.
  • Solis: ...I don't know about Kotori, but...
  • Solis: I am a bad friend that you're better off without.
  • Corona: Hah, what?
  • Corona: If you call yourself bad, then you haven't seen what bad is, Solis.
  • Corona: Sure, turning into a boring no-show is annoying, but that's still nothing.
  • Corona: You're miles better than the winged "friends" I made in the past.
  • Corona: Since you're at least not gonna try and get me killed.
  • Solis: Wha...?

  • Solis: Hold on, that's your only criteria for friendship?
  • Solis: Someone not doing that passes the minimum to be considered a decent person.
  • Solis: It's not basis for a friend.
  • Corona: Ha! There you go, thinking monster-y standards apply to a winged.
  • Corona: You're good enough for someone like me, is all I'm saying.
  • Corona: Even when you're sulking like this, you're still good enough.
  • Corona: And when you do put in the effort... you're more than good enough.
  • Solis: ...
  • Corona: Point is, you can't do worse than what I called a friend in the past.
  • Corona: And you won't do anything that bad to me, even if you could.
  • Corona: Right?
  • Solis: Well... it's not like I have any reason to.
  • Solis: So, of course I wouldn't.
  • Corona: Hehe, you got that fairness shit going on, like some kinda honorable warrior!
  • Corona: Maybe that's why I keep clinging to you.
  • Corona: Even though you flip me off eeeeevery time you see me lately.
  • Solis: It's... not just about being fair.

  • Solis: More like, I meant to say that I...
  • Solis: Don't dislike you, if that's what you thought.
  • Solis: So Corona, uh...
  • Corona: Wait, wait. If you're going to say sorry, shut the hell up.
  • Corona: Really. It's cool, man.
  • Solis: ...I just have such short patience that makes everything worse.
  • Corona: Whoa, no way, is that how you see yourself?
  • Corona: You have unbelievable patience in putting up with my shit, I'd say!
  • Solis: So you are aware of how easily you can peeve me, I see.
  • Corona: Oh, uh, heheheee... not my fault you're so easy to pick on.
  • Corona: But... I'll tone it down a little.
  • Solis: I'll... try to mind my short temper a bit better, too.
  • Solis: How's that for an apology?
  • Corona: Heeeey, don't start acting like a dumb softie now!
  • Corona: For real, I'm not like, depressed over the times you guys ditched me at all.
  • Corona: I can deal. I'm used to you and Tori being like that by now.
  • Corona: ...Which I guess IS sad to acknowledge out loud.
  • Corona: Still, I'm no weakling. So I'm fine. But...
  • Corona: It would be nice if you didn't ditch Suvi.
  • Solis: What does this have to do with his highness?
  • Corona: Well... don't you feel a bit BAD about ditching someone on their birthday?
  • Solis: ...He didn't seem to mind the idea of my absence at all.
  • Solis: So what does it matter to you if I won't attend again, anyway?
  • Solis: His highness is not a child. A birthday isn't anything that would affect him.
  • Corona: Oooough, way to miss the point... it's not about that.
  • Corona: Do you just not care about Suvi at all?
  • Solis: I never said that!
  • Solis: His highness' wellbeing is highly important to me.
  • Solis: I will do anything he asks, and take care of whatever he wants, without hesitation. However, attending formal events isn't part of my duties.
  • Corona: Huh... I don't think you're getting me.

  • Corona: Okay, well, let me ask you something instead.
  • Corona: What is Suvillan to you, Solis?
  • Solis: Huh, what kind of question is this?
  • Corona: Let's hear a serious answer, bro.
  • Solis: I can't take you seriously if you'll face me like this.
  • Corona: Just answer the god damn question.
  • Solis: ...His highness is my ruler.
  • Solis: The highest authority there is,
  • Solis: And the one I must do the most for.
  • Corona: And...?
  • Solis: ...That's all?
  • Corona: Aaaah, okay, okay.
  • Corona: But didn't you guys used to be super duper good friends?
  • Corona: So I don't get why you seem to just not care nowadays.
  • Solis: ...You are right.
  • Solis: Not about the "super duper" whatever, but, yes, we were friends...
  • Solis: Or, at least I used to think of him that way. But now...
  • Solis: As long as I'm a servant of the throne, there's a line that mustn't be crossed.
  • Corona: Ehh, what gives? I mean, look at me, Solis!
  • Corona: I'm like his badass sidekick assistant second-in-command...
  • Corona: But I can still treat him as my friend!
  • Corona: Don't think it'd kill you to do the same, would it.
  • Solis: ...That's not it.
  • Solis: It's not about what I do, or what I want.
  • Solis: What matters is his highness.
  • Solis: It is just fact that he is not looking for a friend.
  • Solis: Our prince desires perfect, model servants.
  • Solis: Loyal followers... and not friends.
  • Solis: So that is all I will be.
  • Corona: Huh, what the hell's up with that.
  • Solis: There's a clear line there that I don't intend to cross.
  • Solis: That's all, Corona.
  • Corona: Really... that's what's going through your head?

Corona: Warn.

Solis: Let's not get distracted.

His highness... is too difficult to read.
You've always found it impossible to tell what he's thinking.

If only he were a bit easier to figure out, like Corona is... although that would mean he has to be just as loud, in order to gain some clearer expressiveness. That's definitely not a nice tradeoff in your opinion.

And Corona is just too good at guilt tripping.

It's true that you never planned to attend the celebrations this year in the first place. Just like last year, you wanted to spend your days off resting at home. Your entire family always depart to attend together, so it's a golden opportunity to get some quiet alone-time for once.

But then, Corona just had to open her mouth and say words, dammit.
Still, what she said doesn't seem to have much weight behind it.

You will not be distracted by any of it.

Solis: Depart, for real this time.

For a moment, you couldn't tell anymore if the right move is to go, or to skip the celebrations again. But it was only for a brief, single moment, where you forgot where you stood, and allowed your mind to wander. With your senses in place, of course, you know that the right move is to not attend at all.

Because you are not the prince's friend.

Your presence makes no difference, as he had made painfully clear to you.

It burns, losing the trust that you were so proud of.
As if one bad move quadrupled your distance from him, despite your dedication.

That's right, it's not time to be resting on break just yet.
There's someone who's unfairly taking your place.

You'd rather confront her first, before doing anything else.

Seek her, knave.

The one who shielded a human in this world is the most dedicated towards monsterkind?
You'll see just how true that claim is.

She better have a good explanation ready for all of her shady actions.

Kotori: Where are you going?
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2 years ago
Reply to  Nights

Very poor choice of words but exactly enough for me to make an excuse. Will do.

2 years ago

I think panel 8 is the least guarded we've seen Suvillan look, as an adult at least.

2 years ago
Reply to  redaer

Looks kinda like Nino.

2 years ago

Eyyy, haven't seen Kotori in a long while, but anyway.

Nino: You should tell the rest of your party what Kaji told you about your amnesia. Who knows, maybe they can get some ideas for how to help. After that, you should definitely head to the hotel room and get some rest.

Solis: Turning a blind eye on a criminal is an understandable offense, but even you had human friends before the war. Considering you, her, and Corona have only been tenuously friends for a while, is it not possible for her to have found a friend in someone who likely also felt alone?

Kotori: Where are you going?

Meimona: Ask if something is up.

Aria: What exactly is your plan from here on out? If Nino can't and will not remember Five, then she'll find out eventually. You might want to prepare her for if and when that happens. Also, mental note, first chance you get, make muffins for the party. That could jog Nino's memory of you and Five.

Five: Go see Nino, you've waited long enough!

1 year ago

Oh my God, Nino doesn't trust Mai after all he's been through? so not only that, he also wants to use it.