21 Jul 2018

[I]ntermission 1: begin.

  • Suvillan: Did you get all of that?

  • Kotori: Um.
  • Kotori: I... I think so?
  • Suvillan: Are you KIDDING me, how is it still not clear.
  • Kotori: Pardon me but... You use weird words.
  • Suvillan: No, I use REASONABLE phrases, you uncultured swine!
  • Suvillan: Sorry I called you an uncultured swine, I promise I love you despite your shortcomings, which are the only part I don't love about anyone.
  • Corona: I mean it's obvious she'd be confused dude!
  • Corona: I'd forget your royal lingo if I had to be surrounded by commoners every day.
  • Suvillan: Now now, come on.
  • Suvillan: It's a position she chose, don't demean her for that.
  • Suvillan: Even though I offer her so many higher positions, sigh.
  • Solis: Can you two stop getting sidetracked.
  • Solis: Not all of us have as much time to mess around as you do.
  • Corona: Thanks for the sass, Solis!
  • Corona: It makes me stronger the more you do it. {}:)
  • Kotori: Can someone just explain to me what exactly is needed here??
  • Kotori: I don't wanna have to watch Corona clown around any longer.
  • Corona: {}:(
  • Kotori: Don't make that face at me.
  • Corona: {}:((((
  • Kotori: It's really not working.
  • Corona: Psh, what happened to you, you're no fun now!
  • Corona: We haven't gotten together like this in so long!! I was looking forward to it!!
  • Kotori: I don't... really care about that.
  • Solis: Cold, and I agree.
  • Solis: We both have jobs to get back to after this, so make it fast.
  • Kotori: Don't lump yourself with me.
  • Solis: Jeez, never mind.
  • Corona: Ouch LOL, stop being so sour you two.
  • Kotori: We're getting sidetracked constantly, I blame Corona.
  • Suvillan: God, would you stop complaining about everything.
  • Kotori: Um, your highness.
  • Kotori: Can you just explain it clearer so I can leave this little meeting??
  • Suvillan: I already explained it, stop complaining!
  • Kotori: Uh, I told you your explanation made no sense, your highness.
  • Kotori: Then you had to get into a weird squabble about it instead of explaining it again.
  • Suvillan: YEAH I did, because, how does it make no sense?
  • Suvillan: Just kill the target! That's it!
  • Kotori: That's-- Ugh.
  • Kotori: Look, just, here's what's confusing.
  • Kotori: What the hell do you mean by mosquito??
  • Corona: Pfhahaha!!
  • Suvillan: Oh my god, was that really the confusing part...
  • Corona: Spoken like a true commoner!
  • Solis: ...
  • Solis: It's a human, Kotori.
  • Kotori: Wait, what.
  • Kotori: Then... Why didn't you just say so??
  • Suvillan: Because they're like a mosquito!! Gosh!!
  • Kotori: Why is a human like a mosquito??
  • Suvillan: Aaaaaaaaaagh, come on.
  • Suvillan: We just went over that with Solis!
  • Kotori: I'm s-sorry, jeez!
  • Kotori: Well, whatever! S-so what I got is that you're saying there's a human?
  • Kotori: And you want me to deal with them?
  • Suvillan: More or less, yes!
  • Kotori: Well...
  • Kotori: You haven't told me why you brought those two here then.
  • Corona: Oh boo, you look like you didn't wanna see us.
  • Kotori: That's because I don't.
  • Corona: ...And by that you meaaaan only Solis, right?
  • Corona: But me, you're ecstatic about seeing me, riiight?
  • Kotori: No.
  • Suvillan: Now now, be nice.
  • Suvillan: They're here as your reinforcements.
  • Kotori: Uh.
  • Kotori: I don't think I need any.
  • Kotori: It's just a human??
  • Suvillan: WHAT, no you DO need help!
  • Suvillan: You need all the help I can get you!
  • Kotori: Erm, d-do you think I'm incompetent or something??
  • Kotori: This is not the first time I've gotten this exact task!
  • Solis: That's not it, Kotori.
  • Solis: It's because this human in particular is very dangerous, or some such.
  • Suvillan: That's exactly right!
  • Kotori: How do you know they are?
  • Kotori: In the first place, how do we know about this fabled human?
  • Kotori: I swear, I haven't seen anyone suspicious in Red Tulip.
  • Kotori: I doubt there's need to be on guard, really.
  • Suvillan: OH my god, BECAUSE THEY'RE LIKE A MOSQUITO, like I said!!
  • Corona: If you weren't such a commoner you would understand this all immediately~
  • Kotori: N-nothing you're saying makes sense.
  • Kotori: I really doubt I'm the stupid one here.
  • Suvillan: Goodness gracious, one of you, explain it again to her.
  • Kotori: Oh...
  • Kotori: Solis, YOU explain it!
  • Kotori: I don't want Corona to even try.
  • Corona: OH!!! RIGHT!
  • Corona: Because he's SOOO MUCH BETTER than me at it!!
  • Corona: Solis, it's boring lengthy dumb exposition time, as always!
  • Solis: What, shut up.
  • Solis: Kotori, look.
  • Solis: The possibility of a human near your watchpoint is very strong right now.
  • Solis: If I had to guess, I would say the reason you thought there was nothing wrong is because they're either hiding, or are moving under some sort of cover.
  • Solis: Now, how do we know this? Let's put it to scale:
  • Solis: One human in a sea of monsters is like a barely detectable speck of dust in the air.
  • Solis: I believe one could go about undetected for an entire lifetime, if no outside interference occurs.
  • Suvillan: But you see, this time, it's more a horrible mosquito-like ringing in my HEAD!
  • Suvillan: I know it sounds silly but this is very VERY serious!!
  • Solis: ...Yeah.
  • Solis: It's such an easily detectable presence, which is why we're lead to think it's a dangerous human.
  • Kotori: Oh...
  • Kotori: Okay. I think I understand.
  • Kotori: Still, why are those two here.
  • Kotori: I can handle it on my own, no reinforcements needed!
  • Suvillan: Solis just explained why, goddammit!
  • Corona: Yea you're really underestimatin' this unknown dudeperson!!
  • Corona: Don't worry, I'd love to go bash some skulls in so I'll be happy to help!!
  • Corona: Also we can leave Solis behind.
  • Corona: And that's becaaaause!! 1. he stinks 2. I'm more than enough as reinforcement!
  • Solis: I don't like the way you say it, but that's pretty much true.
  • Solis: I would rather be back at my own job than this, anyway.
  • Kotori: ...No, Corona.

  • Kotori: Your highness, I can do this on my own.
  • Kotori: I've never failed a job before. Please trust me with this.
  • Suvillan: Wow.
  • Suvillan: You don't understand the risk at all.
  • Suvillan: And I guess none of you truly would, only my worthy self would know it.
  • Suvillan: But fine, you can be on your own.
  • Corona: It's no faiiir, I wanna go fuck some humans up!
  • Corona: Why just her, I wanna get some action too!
  • Solis: Don't say it like that.
  • Corona: Don't say what? Action?
  • Corona: Burning steeeeamy action?? Hmm????
  • Solis: Egh, forget I said anything.
  • Corona: Thaaat's what I thought!
  • Suvillan: Hmm... Corona, you will go deal with the target but independently of Kotori.
  • Suvillan: How's that? She'll be out of your way like this, Kotori.
  • Corona: OH fuck yeah!
  • Kotori: ...Meh, I can deal with that, I guess.
  • Corona: You bet I'll kick their jaws in before you doooo, Kotori!!
  • Corona: Actually, you wanna bet on that for real?
  • Kotori: No.
  • Kotori: Actually... Okay. You're on.
  • Kotori: Let's say, 20 bucks.
  • Corona: Mmmhmhmhm, that's more like it!
  • Kotori: Great, no backing out of it, okay.
  • Corona: Absolutely!
  • Kotori: I'm leaving now.
  • Kotori: Good luck getting your directions right to my watchpoint on your own.
  • Corona: W-wait...
  • Corona: Oh, you fuck!

  • Kotori: I'm going to deal with the target right away.
  • Kotori: If you're even a minute late, you'll miss it all, Corona.
  • Corona: Whaaat, that's not FAIR!
  • Corona: I should've thought more about this before betting on it!!
  • Corona: You're like the fastest fucker in the world!!
  • Corona: And I don't know where your little watchpoint town is!
  • Kotori: That's because you never go outside the royal grounds.
  • Kotori: Maybe if you spent more time with "commoners", you'd be more knowledgeable of these matters.
  • Corona: But you know I don't like dealing with the attentionnn!
  • Kotori: Well, tough shit.
  • Corona: Kotori, you can't leave yet, wait!
  • Kotori: You're not the boss of me--
  • Kotori: Actually, you are, fuck you.
  • Corona: OH, that's riiight! I order you to wait the fuck up!
  • Kotori: ...Your highness? Can I be excused?
  • Corona: Wait, h-hey! You can't just ask MY boss for YOUR excusing-purposes!
  • Suvillan: Heh, you can go ahead.
  • Corona: Heyyyy, noo....
  • Suvillan: I order you to order her to be excused.
  • Corona: Aaaaa......
  • Corona: Fine.....
  • Corona: You can go. {}:(
  • Corona: But you could at least show me directions before you goo...
  • Kotori: No.
  • Door: *SLAM*
  • Corona: Fuck!

  • Corona: You.
  • Solis: Uh. Me?
  • Corona: You!!
  • Corona: Come with me and show me the way!
  • Solis: Fuck, why me.
  • Corona: You're the only one around to ask is why! Come onnn!
  • Solis: No way!
  • Solis: I wanted to leave here more than Kotori did, for fuck's sake!
  • Suvillan: Hmm, I wonder if it's really fine to let her be on her own.
  • Suvillan: I suppose more than anything, I'd want the job done quickly at least because this mosquito feels super annoying.
  • Solis: Well, you're sending Corona over too anyways, that should be enough.
  • Solis: And... I shouldn't have anything left to do.
  • Solis: May I take my leave.
  • Corona: Hey!!! I told you I need help!
  • Solis: You called me over in the middle of my work, goddammit.
  • Corona: Well you'll regret not helping me forever if you don't!! Come on!!
  • Solis: Why would I regret that?! And don't touch me!
  • Corona: Cause Tori's gonna win the bet all because of your tightassness!
  • Corona: And cause your trip here will be for literally nothing!
  • Solis: I wouldn't mind either of those.
  • Corona: I'll curse you with bad luck for life if you keep refusing!
  • Corona: C'monnn!
  • Suvillan: Solis.

  • Suvillan: Show her the way, or you're fired.
  • Corona: Ooohoho there it is, the F-word!
  • Corona: You have no choice now! His highness is on MY side!
  • Solis: God fucking dammit.
  • Solis: Could you stop playing favorites, your highness.
  • Suvillan: I'm not!
  • Suvillan: I love picking on you all equally, I promise.
  • Suvillan: I don't love how much you complain, though.
  • Suvillan: You see, it's getting a little too noisy.
  • Solis: I'm not complaining!
  • Solis: Well maybe I am, just a little, but it's all reasonable!
  • Corona: More like, it's all annoying!!
  • Solis: ...I feel like I'm the only one here with a functioning brain.
  • Suvillan: Complain one more time and you're moving from Royal tactician to a glorified janitor.
  • Solis: Ffffuuu---h.
  • Corona: Oh oh, what's that I hear, an incoming complaint??
  • Solis: What the hell, let's just get this over with!
  • Corona: Yahoo! You're coming around, look at you. {}:D

[I]ntermission 1: end.

Nino: Wake up.

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Nino is the real danger. Also they seem to act less like nobles and subjects and more like... friends.


love these interactions, love these drawings


This is so hilarious


I love how it doesn't feel like a script or a log, and is more like an actual conversation between friends. Makes It feel more lively! Giggled :)) <3