13 May 2020


The crescent is visible again.

Looking at it sends countless memories soaring through your head.

You loved sneaking off to watch mesmerizing eclipses like these. So much so, that sometimes getting lost in the forest over it was never a setback.

Before the barrier and dome even came to be, the constellations at night were a fond memory for you and your mother. She loved the view... Or rather, you suppose it's more accurate to say she loved your description of it. Despite relying only on your words to illustrate the beauty of the world, to her it was more than enough. And your childish limited vocabulary at the time never seemed to bother her, either.

It's a good thing you visited her grave earlier today.

That's going to remain behind now, just like everything else.

You hope you can see that same sky in the human world, even if faintly so.
If not... You'll really miss it.

  • Aria: Um- Why did we stop again?
  • Reed: Because, where the hell are you looking.
  • Reed: No, a better question is, why are you looking anywhere but in front of you while you walk.
  • Aria: I was distracted by uh... N-nevermind
  • Reed: That is a recipe for tripping and falling flat on a sharp rock.
  • Reed: You don't have a death wish, do you.
  • Aria: Sorry!
  • Aria: Uh... Sharp rocks?
  • Aria: Wait, don't tell me we're going to go up that-
  • Reed: Yes.
  • Aria: Mountain.
  • Reed: Yes.
  • Aria: Oh...
  • Reed: Have you never gone up a mountain before.
  • Aria: Not really!
  • Reed: Rats.
  • Reed: I was hoping you'd have experience.
  • Aria: Why would I?
  • Reed: Because it would've likely made this easier.
  • Aria: I'm not going to have specific life experiences like that just because they'll make things more convenient for you!
  • Reed: Oh, well, sure.
  • Reed: But you're about to get some, whether you like it or not.
  • Reed: Watch your step.

  • Aria: Hey, huuuh, you mean we're climbing on foot?
  • Aria: Isn't that kind of unsafe?
  • Reed: No. It feels sturdy enough to be safe.
  • Aria: But-
  • Reed: Come on.
  • Aria: What if Five or me trip and fall??
  • Reed: Won't happen if you're careful.
  • Reed: C'mon, get going.
Absolutely preposterous. There is no way he can expect you to just follow and- oh god he's already scaled half the mountain.
  • Aria: P-please wait!
  • Aria: Just for a second! I told you, It's dangerous-
  • Aria: REED! I said, WAIT!

  • Aria: Don’t leave me!

  • Reed: ...I’m not.
  • Reed: You're just standing still for some reason.
  • Aria: Y-you are!!
  • Aria: You're way too fast!
  • Reed: Then just get going faster!
  • Reed: Or maybe, just get going at all.
  • Aria: I can't...!
  • Reed: Yeah you can.
  • Reed: See you at the top.
  • Aria: How could you say that, when it looks so rocky and steep!
  • Aria: H-hey!!! Stop ignoring me!

Unfortunately, your pleas fall on deliberately-deaf ears.

You might really be left behind, at this rate.

What a guy!!! He could AT LEAST give you a hand, not like it would kill him or anything! And it's not like he can't use his literal (odd looking) hands, whatever their deal is! He certainly had no qualms dragging you around without warning.

In no time, he's made it up, and he's got something to say (shout) to you.

  • Reed: Hey, by the way,
  • Reed: Don’t forget all your stuff,
  • Reed: Including aaaall the extra baggage!
  • Reed: Gee, I wonder how you're goin' to get by with all that, hmm?
  • Reed: Anyway, I'm waiting.

...No, nope, never mind all that.
He’s doing this just to prove some kind of dumb point, fully expecting you to be struggling.

Look at that smugness, that’s surely EXACTLY it.

And what would this even prove? The stupid baggage thing again? Why, he's so hung up on that, you'll really just have to show him what you're made of. You're all on your own, but that's hardly anything new by now!

Curse this silly mind of yours, always jumping to the worst of possibilities. It's a no-choice situation, and those are probably the ONLY situations where you can push yourself to do something reckless and dangerous (in your eyes!).

If a mountain strands between you and your goal, you’ll cross it like it’s nothing.

Ludwig can do this easily without weight on him, so you tell him to go ahead.
Like the good boy he is, he heeds his master's orders instantly.

His leaps are as majestic as they are spectrally.
He successfully carries himself up in no time.

Atta boy, Ludwig!

The masterful maneuver earns him ONE (+1) POSITIVE IMPRESSION POINT from Reed, in the form of a teeny eyebrow raise. What worthless points!

They probably aren't even real!

  • Aria: Hold on tight, Five.
  • Aria: We'll be up with Ludwig soon.
  • Five: Aria... Will it be ok?
  • Five: Ludwig and Reed, are so fast!
  • Aria: It'll be fine!
  • Aria: And... Don't imitate Reed!
  • Aria: Slow and steady is better and safer.
  • Aria: Just hold on to my hand, so you don't slip.
  • Five: Okay!
  • Five: Umm...
  • Five: Aria, still want to see the sky?
  • Aria: Oh- Did you catch me spacing out earlier, heheh.
  • Five: Sky is pretty here...
  • Five: But it must be more pretty... From up high!
  • Five: Aria will see it even better!
  • Aria: Sure!
  • Aria: I'm sure the moon will look nicer there.
  • Aria: Maybe we can even see stars...
  • Five: Stars!
  • Five: Five wants stars!!
  • Aria: Mhm! Just hang on tight.
  • Aria: We'll be there soon.

  • Five: Whoa!
  • Five: Lights... So bright!
  • Aria: F-Five!
  • Aria: Don't take your eyes off the ground!
  • Aria: You can look at the sky all you want when we're at the top!
  • Five: It's not up!
  • Five: Lights... There! Down!
  • Five: So bright, like stars!
  • Aria: Down...?

Aria: Look down

  • Aria: Whoa, you're right.
  • Aria: It's so bright and pretty...
  • Five: Colorful tower!
  • Aria: That's the royal tower...
  • Aria: Those lights look like some kind of decoration.
  • Five: So colorful, it looks like a birthday!
  • Aria: That's silly, Five.
  • Aria: Who would put up decorations that fancy for just a birthday?
  • Five: But...
  • Five: When Five had a birthday, Five had decorations!
  • Aria: Were they the size of a whooooole tower?
  • Five: No... Just Five's bedroom.
  • Five: But it was all glowy and pretty, just like there!
  • Aria: Awh, that's nice. <3
  • Aria: But see, this looks much larger than a simple birthday!
  • Aria: I wonder what the occasion is.
  • Reed: ...Really?
  • Aria: What?
  • Reed: Are you really wondering that.
  • Aria: I am! What about it?
  • Reed: So then.
  • Reed: You mean to say...

  • Reed: You didn't pick today to leave on purpose?
  • Aria: No, I didn't...
  • Aria: ...Wow, you're taking this really easy for someone on the cliff of a mountain.
  • Reed: Whatever, it's safe.
  • Reed: More importantly...
  • Reed: You didn't plan any of this for today specifically?
  • Aria: Yes? It was... Um.
  • Aria: A series of unexpected encounters leading up to the decision, I guess!
  • Aria: It kind of sort of just lead up to us leaving.
  • Aria: But what's so important about that?
Aria: Reach your destination
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4 years ago
Reply to  nights

Definitely looks good to me!

4 years ago

Damnit night I would be five dollars richer if you held off for another month lol

4 years ago

Reed: Explain, they won't have any chance of surviving in either world if they lack the proper intelligence.