03 Nov 2019

Aria: Do it, do a Something.

  • ???: ...?
  • Aria: I'll warn you just once.

  • Aria: If you don't let me through with what I want,
  • Aria: You'll seriously regret it.
  • Aria: You've made a grave mistake.
  • Aria: You see, I know your secret.
  • Aria: Which means I could just out you to any monster.
  • Aria: So you had better comply.

You settle on a threat. A real one.
The only thing that could possibly get you your way.

He is stone cold speechless for a moment.
...What, did he not understand???

What a dunce!!!

You're going to have to go ALL OUT, then!!


  • Aria: Boy, it sure would be a shame if someone just.... SCREAMED right now, and alerted EVERY monster, or s-something, to come here, and then see you, a HUMAN.
  • ???: Oh. Is this supposed to be a threat.
  • Aria: ...IT IS!!!!!!!
  • Aria: I really don't want to do this to you, it would be sooooo bad!
  • ???: Huh.
  • Aria: ...So you should listen!!!
  • Aria: Don't make me DO it! For your OWN good!
OK, maybe this is too much!

A threat is a very extreme method of getting your way, you think.
Too extreme for you, at least! You've never had to resort to anything like this before!

Hell, you've never even had to think about doing it!

But suddenly, he's back to being totally unfazed.

  • ???: Oh, no.
  • ???: No, you won't do any of that.
Aria: Dost thou protest?

  • Aria: I-I would!!
  • ???: Nope.
  • Aria: N-no, I would REALLY!
  • Aria: I'm not afraid of doing anything I can here!!
  • ???: So let me get this straight.
  • ???: You really thought you had enough leverage to pull this off.
  • Aria: Sh-shhhh-shut up!!
  • ???: That's a little sad.
  • Aria: T-then why are you SMILING!
  • ???: Sad things can be funny.
  • Aria: You're gonna REGRET THIS!
  • ???: Jeez, blonde.
  • ???: Drop the act, you will not do anything here.
  • Aria: NO!! I really will!
  • ???: Would you? Let's see, first off,
  • ???: If you did any of what you said, then you’d be caught too.
  • ???: And if you thought I’d take that seriously, then...
  • ???: What can I say.
  • ???: You're an idiot who doesn't think her threats through. That's what.
  • Aria: W-what! I’m UTTERLY serious!
  • ???: Yes, I too shake like an earthquake's happening when I'm serious about a thing.
  • Aria: Sh-Shut up!
  • Aria: I-
  • Aria: It’s cold here!
  • ???: Said the person in a heavy winter coat.
  • Aria: Nnnggh!
  • Aria: I just... I need you to...
  • Aria: Uauauugh!!
  • Aria: I just need you to let me have this!
  • ???: And weak threats were supposed to accomplish your goal... How?
  • Aria: I-
  • Aria: Don't know!
  • Aria: But I have to convince you with anything, a-and...
  • ???: Threatening me just makes you look bad.
  • Aria: That was all I could think of!
  • Aria: OKAY, h-how about...
  • Aria: I'll apologize for what I said! But ONLY if you'd just-
  • ???: Look. You didn't even have to go this far.
  • ???: I get the point, I can see how important this is to you.
  • Aria: D-do you?? You're sure not acting like it!
  • ???: I sure do. In fact,
  • ???: I'd already made my mind earlier, but you interrupted me.
  • Aria: Huh?

  • ???: This is just until we're there.
  • ???: And then, there will be absolutely no further help from me.
  • ???: You'll take care of everything yourself.
  • Aria: ...
  • ???: I'm saying that unfortunately, you've already convinced me. You nitwit.
  • Aria: ...Oh.
  • Aria: S-so... You mean you’re fine with them coming?!
  • ???: Yeah. Well, you were right that it shouldn't be my business, more or less.
  • ???: Your insistence on the matter reminded me of someone I know. Some too-nice-to-be-real idiot, just like this.
  • Aria: Are you calling me an idiot!?
  • ???: Maybe.
  • ???: Actually, yeah, I definitely am.
  • Aria: Rude!!
  • Aria: Whomever it is, they don't sound like an idiot whatsoever!
  • Aria: In fact, they sound like a WAY better person than you.
  • ???: Crude.
  • ???: You want to bog yourself down with the burden of this little brat, go ahead.
  • ???: BUT.
  • ???: Besides guiding you back, I will not do a single thing more.
  • ???: As long as I can do my job without handling the extra baggage you so vehemently want to bring, it's fine.
  • ???: Are we good now.
  • Aria: Huh. Yeah!
  • Aria: As if that's not what I asked for since the start!
  • Aria: And stop calling my friend baggage already!!
  • Aria: Five, don't listen to him, okay? You're fine!
  • Aria: We're fine!
  • Five: :o
  • ???: ...If you say so.
  • ???: I don't like wasting time.
  • ???: So if you're coming with all this baggage, then make it quick and let's move.
  • Aria: Okay, j-jeez!
  • Aria: Um... I'm sorry, alright? And thanks for listening, at least.
  • Aria: Let's at least walk the way on a good note?
  • ???: Who cares.
  • Aria: :|
Aria: Check all party member's stats.

You all return on your original route.

Huh, party? What party. You're not sure you understand!

But you look back at Five and Ludwig, and reassure yourself. No matter what, you're never letting go of them. Never ever. And if there are any parties, then by god they're getting invited to all of them as long as you have a say in the matter!!!!

You're never, EVER, leaving them behind, and this boy can deal with it!

Still. What a strange situation you've found yourself in.
You're going to be all together though. It should be fine, as long as you're not separate...

The boy suddenly calls you, interrupting your thoughts.

He then shows you something strange.

  • ???: Hey. Burn this image into your eyes.
  • ???: Or don't, that's not really necessary.
  • ???: But it would do good if you did keep this in mind, is all I'm saying.
  • Aria: W-whoa! Whoa... What is...
  • Aria: This?
  • ???: You see the small arrow.
  • ???: That is our present location.
  • ???: We will be following the path lit in bright red,
  • ???: Which is a perfectly calculated route.
  • ???: Meaning, it will be perfectly safe if you follow my steps.
  • ???: The darker red spots are to be avoided, that's it.
  • ???: Simple and clear, really.
  • ???: And fortunately, the time estimated for this trip is not very long at all.
  • ???: Do you got it.
  • Aria: ...Whoa... Okay...
  • Aria: .........Whoa.
  • ???: Quit whoa-ing already.

  • Aria: Did you make this?
  • Aria: H-how did you do that!?
  • ???: Uh. I guess I did.
  • ???: Well, technically, a computer makes it for you.
  • Aria: Computer? How? And where??
  • ???: Well...
  • ???: Uh.
  • ???: I forgot that this is not an every day thing for someone like you.
  • Aria: Is it for someone like you??
  • ???: Sure is.
  • ???: It is for most people in the human world, really.
  • Aria: :O !
  • ???: So uh. This is called a projection.
  • Aria: What sort of magical conjuration is this projection!?
  • ???: ...It's not magic, it's technology.
  • ???: Magic isn't real.
  • ???: What are you, ten?
  • Aria: W-well, of course it isn't real, but don't be rude!!
  • Aria: I am just saying that this technology is kind of like magic. :o
  • ???: Eh. There're far more impressive things.
  • ???: I mean this is just, uh, light.
  • ???: You can think of a projection as... Light, forming an image.
  • ???: An image of a map.
  • ???: You could think of it like that, I guess.
  • Aria: How does it work that way?
  • Aria: Like, like, how come it's floating, on nothing but air!!
  • ???: ...Why don't you worry about that when we get to the human world, huh?
  • Aria: Uhmm... Okay.
  • Aria: But something tells me you don't even know the answers yourself! Hehe.
  • ???: Ok, I don't. No shame in admitting that, you know why?
  • ???: Because you don't need to know how things work to use them.
  • ???: I don't know the logistics, I'm not the person designing all these contraptions.
  • ???: I just use 'em. They make life way easier.
  • Aria: Well... That sounds fair enough...
  • Aria: But I'll let you know, my curiosity is so very piqued!
  • Aria: I'd like to learn about this strange "projection" technology as much as I can...!
  • ???: Oh, hey, you've seen nothing.
  • ???: You can satisfy that curiosity and plenty more, once we're out of here.
  • ???: But first, back to what matters.
  • ???: Do you got it?
  • Aria: Hey!
  • Aria: You really like red, don't you!
  • Aria: It's all in red! Different shades, but still.
  • ???: ...
  • Aria: The map I had on paper was mostly in red color, too!
  • ???: ...Is that seriously what you're focusing on.
  • Aria: Oh- No!
  • Aria: N-no no, no worries, I understand!
  • ???: Really. I honestly doubt that.
  • Aria: I totally do got it.
  • Aria: We're just following a magical looking map! Right?
  • ???: ... Yeah, you know what, sure.
  • ???: We're doing some cool freaking magic alright.
  • ???: As long as you've got the main idea, we can move.
Aria: Along the way, ask him why he cares, but for real this time.

  • Aria: Hey, um.
  • Aria: Human boy?
  • ???: What.
  • Aria: Well... I was just wondering.
  • Aria: Why did you care? About me wanting to bring my friends.
  • Aria: B-but, I mean that question in a nicer way than it sounds. :S
  • Aria: Really, if it's ultimately something I can handle myself,
  • Aria: Why did you care about it so much at the start?
  • ???: I'd like the best for you, that's why.
  • ???: The same for any other human, to be clear.
  • ???: It's not like special treatment or anything.
  • Aria: So... Because you think it won't be good for me?
  • ???: Mmm.
  • ???: I operate on a little thing when I'm doing this here,
  • ???: A sort of motto, or personal code to follow.
  • ???: It's called the human code of conduct.
  • Aria: :o !
  • ???: Which is basically like this:
  • ???: If another human needs help, and you have the means to help them,
  • ???: Then there is absolutely no reason for you to not help, and to help in the best way you can.
  • ???: Simple as that.
  • Aria: Huh...
  • Aria: Well, I have to disagree a little... I don't think bringing them along is a bad thing for me!
  • Aria: But still, that's a really nice, um, rule to follow!
  • Aria: So it's a thing for all humans to be like this?
  • ???: Oh, hell no.
  • Aria: D: ?
  • ???: People are varied, and a genuinely helpful person is incredibly rare, you know.
  • ???: This code is just something for me.
  • Aria: Oh.
  • ???: Didn't come up with it myself, but I like it well enough to adopt it.
  • ???: If every person could be like that, I think the world's problems would all be gone.
  • Aria: But... Hey!!
  • Aria: You told my niceness will just get me taken advantage of!
  • Aria: Isn't this the same thing?
  • Aria: Your niceness is good but mine isn't!?
  • ???: No.
  • Aria: N-no?
  • ???: Yeah, no.
  • ???: I think if you don't help somebody in trouble despite having the ability to,
  • ???: Then you're an asshole. That's it.
  • Aria: U-UUUUUH.
  • ???: Being excessively nice however, that's way different.
  • ???: Not everyone deserves that. And misplaced excessive generosity will just backfire on you.
  • ???: Duh.
  • Aria: O-OKAY, okay! Point taken!
  • Aria: I'll... Agree to disagree!
  • Aria: However!!
  • Aria: Pleaaaaase don't use words like that in front of Five!
  • ???: Oh gee, censorship. Alright.
  • Aria: T-thanks, gosh.
  • ???: Get going if you want to spare yourself the language.
  • ???: The sooner we're there, the better.
  • ???: For both of us, I should add.

Nothing more to say, you go back to being quiet.

Five looks happy. She doesn't seem bothered by the human as you are.
Well, he did help her before. And Ludwig, too!

And, wow... Hang on, wow.
You're actually about to go to the human world yourself. WOW.

Suddenly, you're glowing with realizations.

You're going to get what you've always wanted, and for real, this time. This time... You almost want to ask everyone to stop for a moment, and let you take it all in. It is a little overwhelming to think about this finally happening.

Um, to think about it for the second time.

Five is happy that you're looking so happy, she says. And Ludwig barks happily.
...Wow. They both stand by your side.

And the boy just goes, and...

Oh, he just keeps going, even after you've stopped talking.

Right, you have to follow right away instead of standing still, don't you. Wow, no delays at all with this guy, yeah! And no holding hands and walking together either. Not that you should've expected that. Yeah. It's kinda just like, go. And then you go, by yourself. But the common goal? It feels much more tangible this time. Wow. Everything feels kind of the opposite compared to the last time.
When you were with... Um. Anyway.

He's getting farther away.
What the hell are you doing just standing here.

You're starting to think that maybe, you judged this guy a little too soon?
Sure, he's a little blunt and unpleasant, but... Okay, not a "little".

He is Very. BUT!

Still, he's actually helping you.

And you're about to be embarking on a -estimated to be short(???)- travel here. So maybe... Along the way, you could try to fix things up a little from your side. Make some amends, and hopefully, you will move past the awkwardness you feel from that earlier debacle. Really, there should be nothing for you to be bothered about, after all.

Oh, and introductions!

You never did yours! And you still don't know his name, or a thing beyond that.
This is the perfect opportunity for it!

Aria: Make those amends!
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4 years ago

Movement time! Yay!
Moving! WOO!

4 years ago

Oh god, Aria is going to screw this up again...
He doesn't like 'niceness', he likes practical action.
Aria> Be Practical.
First: Get walking.
Second: Ask if using an illusion will help make the journey safer. Help in the best way you can.
Third: Names are Practical. If something happens on the journey, you will need to know each other's name for fast communication.

Unclever title
Unclever title
4 years ago

>Do introductions already

4 years ago

Aria, shout your name!