12 Oct 2018


  • Corona: AYOOO-
  • Corona: SUP your highness, pardon the intrusion.
  • Corona: I'm done, I AM SO done.
  • Suvillan: Pardon granted.
  • Suvillan: Everything alright?
  • Corona: Pshh, I mean, strictly speaking, yeah.
  • Corona: But not for me though! They stepped all over my fragile feelings!
  • Corona: Like- Imagine, IMAGINE,
  • Corona: I told them "let's hang out again" and what do they say??
  • Corona: They said basically a fat "NO"! To this face!
  • Corona: I'm so fuckin' pissed!
  • Suvillan: Oh, how brazen!

  • Corona: Can you like, make refusing to hang out with me a federal offense?
  • Suvillan: Your word is law, Corona,
  • Suvillan: So technically, it already is.
  • Corona: Sweet.
  • Corona: I'm gonna put those goons in friend-jail next time THIS happens!
  • Corona: Tori's all like "LEAVE ME ALOOOONE I GOT WORK",
  • Corona: And Solis is all like "Leave me alooone I got work" but less shouty.
  • Corona: As if I buy that age old excuse, pssh.
  • Corona: I miss the old days. {}:(
  • Suvillan: Well, for this once, it might be a good thing that they refused.
  • Suvillan: I need you for something today, again.
  • Suvillan: I would've called you back from any plans you'd have made with them.
  • Corona: Oh, what? There's more work?
  • Corona: You mean I can't just sit around looking cool for the rest of the day?
  • Suvillan: I mean exactly that.
  • Corona: Woe is me! What's up, humans again?
  • Suvillan: Somewhat, actually.
  • Corona: Jeez, can't go two steps without fumbling on human butt today! What gives...
  • Suvillan: It's concerning the earlier disturbances I felt.
  • Suvillan: Someone, or something, is acting weirdly with the rifts.
  • Suvillan: Though I considered it might just be a few stray cats, now I doubt the fact.
  • Corona: Whaddya mean?
  • Suvillan: I mean that we can't be too careless, Corona.

  • Suvillan: It could be that they figured out a way to breach through like we did.
  • Suvillan: Which means another possible war to account for.
  • Corona: Oh-! Jeez!
  • Corona: But- but- but, breaching through how? That's unlikely!
  • Corona: They don't have this, you know? This!
  • Corona: This, me! They don't have me!
  • Suvillan: I know, I know, you're special.
  • Corona: Damn right! Nobody's done it before me!
  • Suvillan: However, they have the upper hand when it comes to sheer resources, and scientific advancements.
  • Suvillan: Who knows, maybe an invention to breach through the barrier is in the works.
  • Suvillan: Knowing them, I doubt they'd sit around for three long years without trying to escape the cage.
  • Corona: But... Ugh!
  • Corona: I hate admitting that they're better in some areas than us.
  • Corona: Damn race of nerds and their nerdy powers.

  • Suvillan: It didn't go so well for us last time, even though we found multitudes of exploitable weak points.
  • Suvillan: They survived all because we never accounted for the advantages they had over us.
  • Corona: Well, we can account for them now, riiight??
  • Suvillan: Sure can.
  • Corona: We're totally fine then!
  • Corona: I've got nooo problem getting an army and guards on standby!
  • Corona: We just increase near-barrier defenses and wait for em,
  • Corona: Just in case, yeah!
  • Suvillan: Also viable.
  • Suvillan: But that's not the direction to take this time.
  • Suvillan: We're going on the offense.
  • Corona: Wait- huh?

  • Suvillan: You know how he is.
  • Suvillan: The one I hate so much.
  • Suvillan: He's probably thinking he can be stealthy about it,
  • Suvillan: Surprise us, take us out from the core. Copying my previous tactics.
  • Corona: Y-you sure? I don't know if it's wise to uhh...
  • Corona: Well, let's just say that many of the royal guards have no actual experiences in real battles, y'know? All the fresh new babyfaced recruits?
  • Corona: God I could just hug em to death! They think they're so tough.
  • Suvillan: I'm aware. That's precisely why we can't be the ones waiting.
  • Suvillan: We need the element of surprise.
  • Suvillan: And like I said before, they're resourceful.
  • Suvillan: Meaning that if they get time to prepare, we're done for again.
  • Suvillan: That's why it has to be a quick job.
  • Suvillan: And it'll depend on just us two.
  • Corona: Wuh? Just us??
  • Suvillan: Yes, yes!
  • Suvillan: It's not hard to shake their whole world into chaos.
  • Suvillan: A world is nothing without it's ruler.
  • Suvillan: We just need to head straight to the source, then it's checkmate.
  • Corona: Ooh... A stealth operation again, then?
  • Corona: This time, I better be backing you up, though!!
  • Suvillan: Of course.
  • Suvillan: I'm sure I can count on you for opening a path again, right?
  • Corona: Of course! You're talking to an angel of severance, duh!
  • Corona: Well... What about the army, then?
  • Suvillan: The army comes later.
  • Suvillan: We're the main job, and the army is for clean up.
Five: Wake up!!
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