20 Nov 2021


You are now a barely conscious Kaji.

You suddenly realize that everything in your life, everything in the universe, all that was, and all that will be, it all inevitably lead to you getting your teeth kicked in by a bunch of kids. This is a fact that losing so embarrassingly after a spooky fake-out was just a thing that was supposed to happen to you all along, at this exact point of your life.

Such a defeat was written down, inevitably fated, and brought about by the rotations of the gears of destiny.
But at the very least, none of your subordinates saw this humiliating display, right...?

Ow, well, at least the ground is nice and cold.
Maybe you're just gonna close your eye (singular) for a bit.
[C]hapter 2: conclude.
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11 days ago

"oh wait, we cant kill this guy off just yet"